The Way We Shouldn't Do Things

October 26, 2017
By Mike_P BRONZE, Rumford, Rhode Island
Mike_P BRONZE, Rumford, Rhode Island
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I believe that when I help other people just because I can they remember it.(if you want this to make sense, put a comma after can). It was a rainy and humid day at camp Yawgoog Scout Reservation, 2014, prepping for our week’s trip of the great outdoors and friends. We were in the tent, playing some Yu-Gi-Oh when Tom Duffy, one of my scouting friends angrily came in. With annoyance he said “I can’t find my knife”. We thought it was in the bag from last trip, but now we believed he had forgotten it at the picnic table in Gettysburg right before the scout football game.

To his surprise I offered him my knife for the week because I brought two extra with me, following the scout motto of “be prepared”. He exuberantly accepted the knife and said he would pay me back sometime, to which I replied “it’s fine. Don’t worry about it”. When Tom said he wouldn’t forget, he really wasn’t kidding. Two years later I felt the same way as he did in the incident with the missing knife, but it was my water bottle. I accidently left it in the car and he had 2 bottles. He offered me one and the same thing happened.

This is always something I look back on to help me decide what the right thing is to do in all different kinds of scenarios, and it is usually as simple as helping out the other person for a few minutes. This helps me know how to do tasks well, and just like all others I know how to do these random tasks purely from past experiences. I clearly believe helping others is a great thing to do; however, it is one thing to simply help someone. It is a totally different thing when I give it my all and help to my full ability. Doing things well and resourcefully are other things that I follow from my pledge to the Scout Law. Most of my skills used to help others have come from Boy Scouts and I believe that there are still more skills to learn from them. Others might not see it like this, but it’s one of those things where I have to have been there to know and understand it.

The outcome of Tom and I with these easily solved incidents is just a basic story of two friends helping each other. This was done in a way where we were looking for nothing in return, just the way people should do things. Looking for no reward, recognition, or mentioning. We simply enjoy each other as friends and do these things because we can. In other words I want to explain how people should be just like that, because we could help them, we did: nothing more to it.

The author's comments:

I had a class asignment, and righting this realy helped me think about the way i do things, even like righting this story was something i thought about.

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