Brain Tumor

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

 My topic is about living with a parent with a brain tumor. Living with a parent with a brain tumor is pretty hard but also easy the only reason why i say that is because there are some things that the parent aren’t able to do on their own and it’s pretty sad to watch them struggle walking and standing up own their own. There are also times where the parent forget who their children are, what day it is and mostly where they are having a brain tumor can hold you back on so many things like there was this time the parent couldn’t work at one point of time because of the pain she was in she had trouble getting up out of bed on her own , she had medication she had to take in order for her to feel better but the medicine didn’t help it only made everything worse she started to get lumps in her breast she also started to change colors in other words she started getting pail we were in and out of the hospitals every month but that never stopped her she always stayed strong and kept fighting for the sake of her children she knew if she showed weakness her children would feed off that so she kept strong. As times goes by days been getting better then everything goes south three days out of a week there are times where her children would have to be there for her because she isn’t strong enough to do it on her own. The day she found out she had a brain tumor she thought her life would be over but she got some wise words from someone they told her “god wouldn’t give you anything he knew you weren’t strong enough for he gave you obstacles in life for you to accomplish” and with those helpful words it made her look at everything different she went from being sad and miserable to happy and grateful. I say grateful because she realized that it’s a part of live you live to die and most people don’t that...


anyways it’s a good thing that she realized that because now she’s more than happier knowing that she’s done everything she was suppose to do now all she doing is waiting for good to take the wheel and send her on home. This affected me because knowing one day she can wake up not knowing me or one day she can lose her temper on the wrong person just because she’s not feeling well or because she feels bad about herself because she doesn’t feel pretty or because she forgets who she is so she changes personalities just to make her feel good about herself. I would say anyone who has ever dealt with a person with a brain tumor would understand where i'm coming from because dealing with someone with a brain tumor isn’t always easy sometimes you gotta learn how to handle some stuff on your own you have to be able to make time for people like that. I have learned that dealing with a parent with a brain tumor is also kinda fun because there are times where they have their funny days where they just joke and laugh just being goofy about everything and really being down to earth. I just feels though if anyone has to go through this type of situation never let people show that your down always keep a smile on your face.              


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knowing somebody with a brain tumor

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