The Secret Club

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

“ Mikayla likes…”Emily said being the bully, no one knew she was. Wait, let’s start from the beginning. I moved to this warm place in California called Pleasant Hill and my family has been there for a  while now. I just got “dumped” by my best friend and now I have three close friends: Britney, Chloe, and Paris. We have known  each other for quite a long time from school now. They have  started a group and they wanted to invite me to a club that they were forming,  “Only for girls, and very secret”.  So I joined not knowing what happened in the club and since I had nothing else to do during lunch.

“The club meets on Tuesday and Thursday,” said Britney being the club leader.  Britney was the diva. She has long dark brown hair and everyone knew her. The most popular kid I knew.So the next Tuesday I went to the west side of the Blacktop to meet the club members. Chloe was holding a small writing book to the side so no one, not even herself could see what's in it.  Chloe was and still is Britney’s Bff but they are complete opposites. I would say that Chloe was a total goth. She would always wear black.  Anyway the writing book was a brown and regular composition  notebook but a bit smaller so you can take it everywhere.

Everybody was kind enough to stop what they were doing and let me join because I was a bit late.

“So it's Megan's turn”, Paris said.Paris was also a diva but at the same time kida a lonner, sorry.  Everybody started staring at Megan so I looked at her weirdly like the rest. Chloe passed the small  secret book to Megan quickly along the circle.

“Wait I forgot my pencil.”

Megan suddenly ran to her backpack but then she stopped. It looked like she had started to think about what she was about to do.  She came back with a pencil. She had a straight face so I didn’t know what was going to happen. 

 Megan took the book and the pencil and started to write on the book.  After that she put the book in the middle of us but not normally; she did it slowly as if she had her biggest secret in that book for all the world to see.  Everyone else was super excited to see what was in the book. Paris took the book before anyone else could and flipped to the page Megan had written on. The thing I didn’t know is what she wrote. Everyone else has been here before so I was the only newbie.

“Spencer and Jamie, why would you like those two kids” Paris told the group. 

My first thoughts were am I going to do that, can I go somewhere else and why does she like to people. The last one wasn’t as important as the other two.

A few moments later that page was full of boys names and I was going next. Emily handed the book and the pencil and I was ready for it. It was ether hangout with them or hangout with me,myself, and I. I wrote Nikki in the smallest handwriting you have ever seen . 

Emily took the book right after I was done writing his name and didn’t say a word. She passed the book to everyone and passed the book back to me and said “ You should keep it”.

After the bell rung the class substitute let us talk to your friends and I chose to talk to Emily.  I was holding the book as tight as possible  making sure no one would take it. I think while I was holding the book Emily was thinking about what happened during the club meaning. After a few minutes Emily screamed
“ Mikayla likes Nikki”

I was speechless. Everyone staring at me. I saw Nikki looking right at me and his emotion was clearly saying really and is she serious.  Then I saw Paris and Britney mouthing “ stop it”  I felt like dying. I was sweaty and felt like never speaking to anyone ever again. Guess what the substitute did, well she done nothing. Nothing to help me, I saw we on her computer during this time but I don't know what she was doing.

 Emily looked at my speechless face for like a minute until she decided to say “ Psst, do you like him or just like him as a friend”. I immediately said I like him as a friend trying to push the embarrassment aside. Emily then came up to me and told me awkwardly “ ok”!?!  After that she told everyone  that I only “liked” him as a friend and things were kind of back to normal. Yeah people were still looking at me weirdly but at least they didn't know about me liking Nikki.

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