The Stranger

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

It was our third day at Warriors Basketball camp. The camp is in Monterey, California, and it is an overnight camp. Me and my friends/roommates were on our beds talking, but then there is was knock at our door. I walk over to the door and look through the peephole, at first I get confused because all I see is darkness, but then, as I thought a bit about it, I realized it was blocked.

Jonathan is tall, slim, and athletic. He came from China to the US, so he still has a tiny bit of an accent. He is a basketball player. Brandon is short, slim, and athletic. He is half japanese and half chinese. He also plays basketball, but his first sport was soccer, and since he was getting too busy and could only do one sport, he chose basketball.

3, 2, 1 Not it!” I exclaimed. “Not it!” Jonathan said “Not it” Jonathan said. “Ok Jonathan’s it! Jonathan, count to ten!” I exclaimed happy that it wasn’t me. We went over to close the lights, and once the lights were closed, Jonathan started counting. “Ok! Ready or not, here I come!” exclaimed  Jonathan. As Jonathan creeped around the room, looking under beds, desks, and around dressers. Jonathan and I were looking at each other ready to burst out laughing. Jonathan walked under me and around Jonathan a billion times already. I was hiding on top of a dresser blocked by the shadows, while Jonathan was hiding behind a different dresser. I don’t understand how Jonathan hasn’t been found yet, he was in the most common hiding place, so I have no idea what Jonathan is doing.

After a few rounds of hide n’ seek, we got tired and now was laying on our beds. We were talking about some random basketball things when out of a sudden, there was a knock at our door. “Open the door!” the mystery man yelled. Right now, since we were all in our beds, we just stared at each other for a moment. After a few seconds of staring, I got out of my bed and walked over to the door. I looked through the peephole, but to my surprise, it was blocked! “Hey, the peephole is blocked!” I screamed quietly back at my roommates. “What?! Lemme see.” replied Jonathan. Jonathan walked over to the door and looked through the hole. Jonathan looked away and at me with a creeped look, “Oh crap, it is!” Jonathan whispered to me. “Open the damn door!” the stranger yelled again. I looked over at Jonathan with a scared look. Is the person some kind of robber, or anybody that might be armed? I thought. “What should we say?” Jonathan asked me. “I dunno, ask it what coach he is?” I said. “Ok sure. What coach are you then!” Jonathan asked loudly. “Coach Ryan!” the mystery man yelled. From this answer, I got extremely scared. “There is no coach Ryan in this camp right? I whispered to Jonathan. “Yah, I don’t think so.” Jonathan whispered back in a shaky voice. Jonathan and I hurried to the back of our dorm like the door was gonna suddenly open or get kicked down. We went to where Jonathan was laying on his bed,  staring at us with a blank expression. “Unblock the peephole!” I asked the stranger in a shaky voice. “No!” the stranger yelled. Ok, now I’m sure this is a bad guy. Why would a coach or any staff in this camp say no to that? “Now what should we do?” asked Jonathan. “I dunno, call 911?” I responded in a scared voice. Next thing I know, Jonathan has already called the police. “911, what’s your emergency?” said the person on the other end of the phone. When we responded, we said there is a random person, outside our dorm room and… now he’s yelling to open the door. We were in the middle of telling the person where we were when there was suddenly a familiar voice outside our door that boomed, “Open the door!”.

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