October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

I walked into the classroom, seeing all the heads turn in my direction. I was the new kid, the worst kind of thing that could possibly happen to me. At lunch a little girl came up to me. I thought, “Play it cool. ” She asked to sit with me and soon we became best friends. We sat on her bed eating our favorite food, peanut butter crackers. We played board games and we talked, a lot. Although she never showed me the toys she had. They were always in her closet.

We were best buds for life. Inseparable. Until that one Saturday when Alana suggested that we should have a sleepover. She even said that she was going to show me her toys! A flood of emotions went through my head.  Excitement but doubt too. I smiled big and bounced up and down but then I stopped abruptly. Although at that point, I never imagined that what was going to happen that night was going to be the end of a friendship.
Eventually, my mom picked me up at 4:00 PM and we drove back home. “ Bump bump bump.” the car went. As we drove back home, all I could think about was not having my family there with me.

“ Are you ok dear?” said my mom. “ Yep just fine.” I lied. I ignored the guilt for I did not want to admit to anyone that I was afraid to spend the night.  I looked down in my lap and sighed.

Later that day, two hours went by. As I walk outside the door to go put my stuff in the car, I shiver. The cold wind blowing through my hair. I start to think of the things that could happen at the sleepover. All the possible things that could go wrong. But I ignored it. We finally got to Alana’s house. I walked up to the doorbell and rang it. Alana’s mom opened the door and welcomed me inside. I heard my mom and Alana’s mom talking in the doorway so I went to go find Alana. As I walk inside the house I rush up the staircase calling Alana’s name. She opened the door to her room. When I walked I stood still only to see my worst fear. DOLLS! I stand frozen, my eyes wide with fear. Alana realized that I was just standing in the doorway and brings me inside her room. She says surprise! Paralyzed with fear I set up my bed super fast, glancing around every five seconds to make sure it was safe.

Shortly after that, I slowly walked out of the room, then seeing that it was safe, ran down the stairs to go join the others. I started to think that it would be ok to sleepover, but boy was I wrong. 10:00 PM. Alana had gotten into her Zebra onesie and I had gotten into my kangaroo onesie. We both loved animals. Alana skipped into her room and I slowly trailed behind. When I realized that I would have to see dolls again, I knew I was not ready for this. I had to tell Alana gently that I wanted to go home. I did not know how she would take it but I did it anyway. I tapped her shoulder and told her how afraid I was of dolls. I told her how much I missed my family, and then finally I broke down.


At that very moment, I started to cry and I just could not stop. It was embarrassing and the feeling of possibly offending my closest friend just made me cry even more. Alana’s mom soon heard the crying and ran upstairs. She called my mom and I asked her to pick me up. I heard the rumble of my mom’s car and I packed up my stuff. I went to go ask Alana how she was feeling but she turned away. I could tell she did not want to see me, so I went back downstairs. I felt horrible as I walked to the car, never forgetting the feeling of offending or even the look on her face as I never came to her house again.

The author's comments:

 I was inspired to write this peice because I want everyone out there to know that it is ok to write honestly and it is ok to make yourself vunerable. It helps give your story character and makes the reader wonder.

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