Cancer Kills

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

In 2014 there were 14,738,719 people living with cancer.  In 2010 the United States totaled nearly $125 billion to find a cure. What if I told you that they had a cure. That they could be saving lives. But instead, they let them die. They let them suffer. Because they want money.


There have been thousands of conspiracies going around that there is a cure. Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. If they found a cure, many doctors would be out of business. Drug companies make too much money on the treatments for cancer. So instead of helping these people who need it, and are fighting to live. They lie. They said they don't have a cure just to benefit themselves for their own selfish reasons.


In early 2017 my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was worried about what would happen to her. If she would live. After fighting hard she beat it. They put her on a chemotherapy base pill that she has to be on for the next 5 years to stay cancer free. But because there isn't a cure, or a definite way to stay cancer free, there are some side effects. She could get sick again I was so nervous. Everyone had already been threw so much. The chances of her getting sick was 1 in 500 . But then in late 2017 we found out she was diagnosed with Uterus Cancer from the medicine.  She was the 1 in 500. When it's someone you know and love, it's hard to hear these theories and not want to do anything you can to help.


If there really is a cure. I hope they let us know. There are animals, children, adults, cousins, siblings, parents, who have to deal with this terrible disease. It is wrong to not help people who need it the most. Cancer is the number one cause of death in the US. And to think people who turn down helping others to profit themselves. It is distasteful.

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