The Disorder

October 21, 2017
By Phantom22 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
Phantom22 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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I pushed on his arm harder and harder, it came closer to the point of contact. Then “SNAP” I let go and the kid gave a scream of agony that haunts me to this day. The date was August 26 2017, it was a beautiful afternoon. I looked out the window and thought “what a lovely afternoon, can’t let it go to waste.” So then it hit me, the best way to spend the rest of this beautiful afternoon would be to go to the park across the street, I didn’t know what the park was called. I am a short seventh grader that loves school, I take many after school activities such as Krav-Maga which is Israeli martial arts, in that class I had just learned how disarm an armed human being that wields a knife, or one handed weapon. I also take hebrew,  and fencing classes.

When I finally reached the park a slight breeze started to fly through the air, and I heard a bird chirp high above me in a tree. When I looked at the grass I noticed the peaceful insects going about their business. It was very peaceful in the world. But then I noticed something flying towards one of the bees that was collecting nectar. A wasp! It swooped down and grabbed the bee, stung it a few times killing it and flew away. Before it seemed peaceful but when the wasp came everything turned to chaos and disorder. Little did I know that the same thing this disorder was going to happen to me.

After the encounter with the wasp I continued walking down the concrete path. Soon I reached the hill that leads up to the blue playground. Everything became quiet, the breeze grew stronger and the shadows of the giant Redwood trees grew larger. I knew something was wrong. There wasn’t anyone else around, I put my guard up and prepared for and attack or something along those lines. Then out of nowhere, a boy about a year older than I came out from behind a tree swinging a knife towards my head. He looked Israeli about “5,2” and very tired, his eyes were brown and so was his hair. When I looked at him closer, I noticed that his clothes were very dirty, upon closer inspection I saw holes and rips in his shirt and pants his clothes were matted with dust, soil, mud, and yes dried blood. Which I expected was from other victims that weren't so lucky. He was unnaturally skinny, as if he hasn’t eaten for weeks. Nonetheless he had a knife and was swinging it towards my head in a wide sideways arch, that's all that mattered to me. At that moment I had to make a split second decision that would decide whether I would survive this attack or get stabbed in the head and die. I chose not to die, and out of self defence and life preservation I got into a diving position like an olympic swimmer and dove right into his shoulder. Once in that position I wrapped my left arm around his right arm in a underhook posture, then I gave him a few fast elbows to his face, causing his nose to bleed badly. After that rapid attack I kneed him in the groin until he stopped jerking. While still holding his arm in that same under hook posture I smashed his face into the cold concrete ground. I noticed as he made contact with ground he gave a yelp of pain, that was the first time I heard him say something. I was about to ask him who he was but I didn’t, at this point in the fight I didn’t care. All I knew was that this young boy was trying to kill me and possibly other people, but I wouldn’t let him continue his bloody work, I also didn’t know why he wanted to attack me, but again at this point I didn’t care. So I did the only thing that would make sure he would never hurt anybody again. I pushed the arm that had the knife all the way to the back of his head, as I did this I heard a “SNAP” and a scream of agony. Before anything else I took the knife from his hand and punched him in the back of the head for good measure. When I got up I looked at the boy, his arm was at a weird angle, the ground beneath his face was scarlet red with the blood I caused to spill. At that moment I felt a small sensation of triumph and pride for I knew that I could defend against an armed human being, but at the same time dread and horror seeped in as I witnessed what I had done to this boy. I disposed of the knife in the garbage can right next to the playground and ran back home. I took a look back to see the boy was still on the ground, not showing any sign of movement. I didn’t care so I kept running until I got back home. When I did reach my house, no one was inside, so I ran up to my room and sat down on my bed, thinking over what just happened. Reanimating it in my mind.

The author's comments:

This piece shows graffic detail, and a great discription of what goes on in the head of the main character. Which is me!!!!!

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