October 23, 2017
By abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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I still remember the day I moved to the “Big Apple,” yes, New York. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay home here, in Delaware, my home where I grew up. I didn’t want to move to the city. Especially living with all the noise that there is in the city. Starting all over again was a difficult challenge for me but thankfully I was able to make this challenge less challengefull.

I still remember the day I moved “August 29th, 2017.” School had already started in Delaware. But in New York, school started later on. I still had some time to get used to the city. When I recently got to New York, I lived in Brooklyn. I only lived there for about fourth months. Then I moved to the Bronx where I lived for two years, and went through the worst sufferments that I could imagine. But thankfully those challenges, helped me to become the person who I am today.

Once I got to the Bronx, that’s where my challenge begins. During the first few months, everything was fine. Until one day, my mom got a impact of pain. My mom’s pain got so horribly bad that my dad took her to the hospital. The doctors gave her medication to calm her pain. The medication would keep my mom sleeping basically all day. I would wake up and my mom would be sleeping. When I would get home and she was sleeping. I was basically living on my own. My mom would be sleeping all day, my dad working all day to pay bills and everything, my brother would be out doing things he shouldn’t, so he could be able to get through the sufferment of seeing my mom like that. My mom was like that a whole year. A year of not seeing my mom actually living. I would see my mom as a zombie. Half a live half dead.

The only day that, I actually got to see my mom fully awake, was when there was a snow storm. I remember that the department of education didn’t want to close schools, because they didn’t want students losing their education. I really didn’t want to go to school. But my dad forced me. “ You have to go to school!! I want you to have an education. I don’t want you to be like me sitting in the taxi all day. Being in danger that someone can rob me or kill me.” he was right about that. I do need my education. But for me to get an education, I need to be alive.

“But Dad! For me to have an education I need to be alive safe and sound. Do you really think that we this storm i will be able to get to school on time? I won’t usually the buses are packed and the trains are on delay.”

“I said for you to go. Therefore you are going. I only ask you to have good grades. And for that to happen you need to be in school. No more! End of discussion! Get ready for school.” My dad slammed the door, and went to work. I ended up getting late to school. But my dad wanted me to come. So I did even with all the delays. But that wasn’t my challenge. During the school day, the snow storm got worse. My challenge was when I got out of school. There was no trains, buses or even taxis outside. Just people trying to get warmth and home. I had no way to communicate with my parents to tell them that i was going home because I had recently broken my phone.

I had to walk home. I got out of school at two-thirty. I didn’t get home until seven. I walked in the snow. My boots got all wet. The snow was falling heavy on me.The snowstorm was horrible and very dangerous by the minute. I was getting weaker by the minute. But when I was finally able to get two blocks away from the apartment, I found the strength to continue when I already felt like fainting. I reached my apartment door, just as I about to knock, my mom opened the door. And I halfly fainted in her arms, all I could hear was my mom telling my brother to come.
“Abisai, carry your sister to the bedroom.” Afterward I woke up in warm clothing and fresh out the shower. How did was freshed out the show I don’t know. But that was the only day I saw my mom wake. Finally we moved to Queens. My mom still got her sharp pains on her lower back. Every other day I was at the hospital with my mom. After, finally many months, my mom was finally able to get her surgery. But even then, she still wasn’t able to walk after the surgery.

This was the biggest challenge that we had living in the city, was teaching my mom how to walk again. It was difficult for us but mostly on my mom. Since she was told that after the surgery she wasn’t going to be to walk again. But thanks to God she was able to walk. I love that my mom is finally good. Still struggle was the toughest challenge but we were was able to get through it. Even after the doctors said that she wasn’t going to be able to walk. That was the biggest struggle we went through living in the city. Not really having my mom with me when I most needed her. No matter what happens I love my mom. I will always be there for her like she was there for me. I know I say things that I don’t mean but she knows that I still love her. And that even if we go through things, like we did in the city, those challenges will only get us stronger and united. It can’t never separate us.

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