Trick or Crime

October 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Some of my family members have experienced many types of trickery or is it crime. Some people try to advertise products with shows while others trick for money by working.


My mom was walking on the streets with two men the person in the front drops a wallet with a fake $100 in it. The second person is cooperating with the wallet dropper by saying you get the $100 if you give him $50. The $100 will end up to be fake. My mom didn’t get tricked by this because she watches a lot of news and seen this many times. The next thing I will talk about is a smart way of getting people to buy something but is still a trick. I was walking through a place with a lot of booths that sell souvenirs. I saw some people bargaining about the price as I walk by. The price kept on going cheaper making you want to come and buy it. After I walked away I looked back to see the two people hanging out together until the next person comes by. These people are acting to make you feel like this product is good and has a reasonable price.  Once my brother got a coupon for a computer. He was in line and he saw the person in front without a coupon buy the same computer for $900 when he got to the front of the line the cashier asked if he had a coupon. Obviously, he said yes. The screen showed the original price was $980 but the reduced price was $900. That's not all.  My cousin made a mistake of placing his backpack on the car (BMW) while he went to cut his hair. He watched as a Mexican broke the window of his car and stole a backpack with a MacBook Pro inside. He had no time to chase the criminal or even take a picture of him. From this day on he remembers to take his backpack with him instead of putting it on the car. I wish people would not be thieves. The world should be a peaceful and harmless place. If the poor people don't have enough money for stuff they don't have to steal something from someone else. to prevent this the rich should give the poor more support.

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