My Future Job

October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Everyone has their future job, but my future job that I want to do is Texas state trooper. The reason is that when I was young, I lived in a bad neighborhood down in Atlanta, Georgia. Sometimes there were car burglaries going on at night, and sometimes I want to try to stop it but I was little. That’s why I want to be a police officer, so I can stop crimes from being committed. There are crimes everywhere: even when I moved to Texas. When we started to live over here, someone gave my dad a 94 Chevy Silverado. He fixed up the truck: new rims, lights, and grill guard. A few years later, someone stole the truck. I know that trucks can be replaced, but inside it, that truck had $3,796.00 worth of tools. The way that effected my dad is a construction worker and he needs those tools to work, and the truck was our only vehicle that runs. I want to be a state trooper because they get to go anywhere in the state of Texas, so I can try to find my dad’s stolen truck. I want to be a state trooper is to help people that need it as like my dad by losing that truck.

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