Pollution Is Contributing Negatively to Human Health

October 17, 2017
By Mya13 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Mya13 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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As a consequence of pollution our world is getting contaminated. This is a big problem that needs to be helped. Some contaminations include chemicals, different objects, also energy like light and noise that bothers people. These contaminations contribute negatively to human health, because the effects are not good for our health and our surroundings.

An example of this problem is diseases; they are being spreaded due to dumping chemicals in our water areas. Also there is algae growth due to fertilizers being dumped in the water. The temperature is changing in the water due to the hot water from a power plant being dumped into natural lakes. Water isn’t only effecting humans they are effecting the fishes too, that some may eat.

Additionally pollution is affecting human health. Like Amy and Elizabeth Manar said, population growth in many urban areas meant that more people and more industries are releasing a higher concentration of pollution into the environment than ever before. The green-house gasses are trapping heat, which is effecting the global climate change. Due to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, it is creating acid rain. The worst part is when soot and water vapor combine they make these thick, dark and dirty clouds that hangs in the air and sometimes even blocks the sun.

However natural pollutions are affecting us in all type of ways. An example of a natural pollution is volcanic eruptions, that can put chemicals in our air, which can affect our breathing and some even worst because of their allergies. Also forest fires can harm the trees, which can also affect our breathing too because we need trees to breath. Believe it or not the most pollution come from fossil fuels which doesn’t burn as easily as other things.

As people become more and more conscious of pollution problems, they began calling the government efforts to to control the release of pollutants. We should make more communities that help control pollutants. Hopefully we will have cleaner environment. If we take actions like taking trash out of the oceans and lakes and if we limit our littering maybe even stop it, then our environment will be less polluted.

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