My First Fight

October 16, 2017
By Anonymous

This is a story about my first fight. Back in 7th grade when me and my family first moved back to Detroit from Westland. Im not entirely even sure what the pointless beef even was but something happened and it escalated to me and this boy fighting. My first fight was an blood pumping excitement. The thoughts that were going through my head, "do you even know how to fight", "what if he wins", "swing before he does", there were a million thoughts in my head atleast. So atlast the end of the day, slowly but surely, approached.


Everyone ran towards the group of us while we were about to fight like a stampede of wiild animals.So after a few seconds of peer pressure and squaring up I finally started swinging and he swung back and we were fighting. The adrenaline rushing through my body gave me an advantage because i didnt feel anything i got hit with and i was moving real fast. After about 3-4 minutes of the longest short fight I have ever been in, security and the vice principle broke it up. Ever since that day I have been fighting for a while but I choose not to fight, fighting is the very last option in my choices and I feel if someone can push me to the point where i wanna fight they deserve it. Well that is the end of this story, if you can relate , how was your first fight?


Soon after the fight, The principal insisted to suspend me imediately. After we got our suspensions and sent home, I horrifly walked into my house. I tried to be as quietly and unnoticed as I could be so that I could avoid my mother as best I could. Eventually my luck ran out and i had to face my mother. She talked to the principal and me and asked about what caused the fight. The principal surprisingly said that I could return to school but unfortunately for me, me and the boy had to shake hands, appologise, and agree to leave each other alone if we cant get along and all the rest of that stuff. So we parted ways and i never got into another fight at that school. The first main event that occured leading up to the fight was the arguing. Me personally im not about the talking either we fighting or you just talking, so I was not about to argue with this boy. The second main event that occured was the other students instigating and edging the fight on. Girls and boys telling rumors, "he said he was gone knock you out", "he said you cant fight", "he said he on your head after school", and all the rest of that little mess. I am positively sure that they told that boy the ame things they told me. So the last main event that occured was when we were facing eachother outside and everyone geeking up his head telling us to swing on each other. I wasnt going to fight him but he let his friends push him into swinging on me so he did and thats when the fight started So, after the fight was over, I went home and i ended up getting kicked out the school, So i was upset and my mom was the most upset. I missed almost all of the school year. I had to attend summerschool and extended day for almost all the summer. Fighting got me put on probation and house arrest. Fighting got me arrested three times, I learned fighting is not always the answer. We should walk away from problems or situations we have with other people. I do not fight unless i am forced to now and i havent been in a fight in almost a year.

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