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October 15, 2017
By MikeePatricia BRONZE, Metro Manila, Other
MikeePatricia BRONZE, Metro Manila, Other
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Narcissistic, know it all, stubborn and overly dramatic. This is what they best describe millennials.


How did we get here? How did we get to the point that we think the only answer is suicide?


It’s truly upsetting to know that based on recent studies Depression is very common amongst millennials.


But why is that? and are our parents to blame?


I think it goes down to always feeling not good enough, under-appreciated and a black sheep amongst the herd of sheep in the family.


I’ve recently done a research together with my co-researchers from school and it revealed that Neuroticism was the highest we scored among other personalities that we possess.


It’s the perfect example for why we beat ourselves up to be the best in everything, we worry too much about failing even if we know we did good, it’s always about the next thing to worry about and never about living the moment which leads us to less sleep and more stress. I guess you can say in a way that it’s a motivation for us but it’s having us compromise our own health.

And here goes the feeling of being under-appreciated by our parents because we always expect them unconsciously to be proud of us no matter how small the achievement is, then feeling so s***ty about ourselves if we think we don’t get what we think we deserve.


We cannot put all the blame on our parents because their generation were a bunch of people who knew how to play by the rules set up for them by their parents and i guess they felt suffocated and all they want was their own kids to not go through the same tough love they’ve been through, they want us to have everything in a way you can say that we’ve been spoiled.


Whenever I go on social media I always see posts like “You just don’t understand” “I want to end my life”, “Suicide is the only way to go”.

It’s pretty scary to have all these kids talking about taking in their own life.


And may be because we feel like adults don’t understand how we feel, the insecurities is engulfing our own happiness, and I know from experience that we always hate it when adults goes on rambling about “How they used to have so little and During their generation they didn’t have this or that and here we are complaining about the things we have that they never did”

And we’d always come back with “Your generation is different from my generation and it’s just so wrong to compare”


Millennials feel like our parents wouldn’t understand because ever since then we’ve become so liberated and that everyone to turn to might just stab you in the back so they wallow, have their self-pity and think that if they killed themselves all the hurt would end and everything would be okay then.


It’s very sad to think that nowadays we just don’t feel safe anymore, But the truth is we have everyone. We might not be vocal to each other about such sensitive topic but know that a lot of people are going through the same tough thing as you are.

And the greatest thing about millennials is compassion, We want everybody to feel loved and supported just like how we want ourselves to feel and we are a generation of smart teenagers who are very compassionate about the things we do, we are driven to succeed in life.

And the best thing is we’ve become so open and accepting to mental health issues and as well as to the LGBT community and that really says a lot about us, we are a group of very supportive and well-committed individuals and there’s nothing we can’t possibly do to change the world and make it a better place if you will.


So to my fellow millennials, Keep going.


The author's comments:

Depression and suicide are becoming more and more common among millennials these and I've  thought of writing this article to get millennials own point of view heard.

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