The Dangers of an Unrestrained Healthy Lifestyle

October 13, 2017
By EsmeC22 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
EsmeC22 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Do you ever feel the pressure to work out? Or to eat tremendously healthy? A lot of millennials are and it's taking a toll on their lives.

Excessive exercising has proven to be hurting trainees. In a Times article it expresses how running too much has a negative effect on the body. As well as building muscle mass you could also be building onto an enlarged heart. Other risks include falling ill easily and brittle bones.

There are also mental consequences to an obsessive “healthy” lifestyle. In an article posted in The Guardian, the author acknowledges that millennials have become one of the most health conscious generations and that it could be raising anxiety levels. Skipping a workout has turned into a guilt trip and eating something somewhat unhealthy has become detrimental.

The concern of eating healthy and constantly having to exercise shows an element of insecurity, so much to the point that it is harming people. If someone close starts to show an obsessive attitude towards working out and what they eat, try to help them understand that cheat meals are okay and so is skipping a day of exercise. Everything in moderation.

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