October 13, 2017
By Anonymous

The lights turn off and suddenly I’m scared again, my brothers not home. Where is he? Is he okay? I can’t lose him he’s too important to me. This happens every night, I stay up worried about him but he doesn't care. He doesn't care about me, my mom, or my dad. We’re just the people who hold the money to him. All he cares about is the drugs and Skylar his “best friend”. This is my fault I let him do this to himself. Tomorrow is my birthday party and I'm scared; scared that something’s going to happen. He's going to ruin it like he always does.

The day had begun, I've started to shop for groceries, I'm feeding about 30 hungry teenagers so I need a lot of it. I grab cream puffs, about 10 giant bags of chips, and the ingredients for chili. We purchase the food and head out. I was so excited for the party to begin. Little did I know how horrible it would be.

The guests started to trickle in one by one. When everybody got there my mom started to cook. We started opening presents in case people had to leave. I was so happy it was like when you wake up on Christmas morning when you were nine and you realize Santa had visited you that night. Then we started to eat, the chili tasted so good. It was a bunch of flavors dancing on my tongue. My brother shows up, with two of his other friends. My friends started coming up to me asking if he was high, and of course, he was. The night ended perfectly beside my brother’s rude intrusion. A bunch of my friends slept over. We, unfortunately, didn't go to sleep till about four in the morning. I never wanted that night to end.

I was woken up by the sounds of plates and pots smashing around. There was a lot of yelling about money being stolen. My brother's friend started attacking him. My friends were now awake and I had no idea what to do. I couldn't go out there and try to help him, I would be killed. Finally, my parents were awake, they were seconds too late, I hear the loudest crash. My brother was thrown into the shower door. I tell all of my friends to get into the closet.

The yelling stopped. Was it finally over? We all get out of the closet. I tell my friends to wait in the room while I go talk to my mom. My brothers lying on the floor, he's breathing. He has a huge cut on the face and lots of bruises forming getting darker and darker by the second.  My mom is on the phone with the cops. How am I supposed to explain this to my friend's parents? It’s fine, he's okay, that's all that matters.

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