Grape Popsicles

October 13, 2017
By Chrischamberlin15 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Chrischamberlin15 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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I was rushed to the hospital in the back of an ambulance struggling to stay awake, struggling to keep my eyes open, then a blackout. After that, I don't remember much and I didn't know what happened. I awoke in a hospital room with my mom, dad, brother, and sister all sitting around me in a white room filled with balloons and stuffed animals from friends and family. I had a severe concussion, one that they had compared to a major NFL concussion.

It all started at my School on an autumn day in September on the freshly paved blacktop with my friends. First, we were playing tag then I collided with another kid and that's where it started, after that collision my head started to hurt, but as a child, I walked it off and continued to play with my friends acting as if nothing had happened. Then we started to play hide and seek and as the game progressed my head started to hurt worse and worse. Then I was running to find a spot  before my friend had stopped counting and started to seek I ran and fell off of a big drop off leading to a cold hard cement basketball court and a hard slam on my head off of the court then at that moment every kid and teacher swarmed around me to see if I was ok and I was starting to lose vision and slowly starting to fade in and out of reality. The only part I remember after that was my mother yelling at me telling me to keep my eyes open, and not to fall asleep, we finally made it to the emergency room and all I remember is me slamming my hands against the glass between me and the emergency room receptionist…. then I fell to the floor not remembering a single thing after that,  until I awoke.  Beep...Beep….Beep, it was the heart monitor. I awoke I a hospital room with an IV stuck into a vein in my hand and a bad headache, so they put medicine into my IV to help my headache go away, at that point the doctor told me I should get up and walk around so I strolled my IV cart up and down the hallway of my room until I was hungry. The cafeteria in the hospital brought the food up to my room but I couldn’t eat whatever food I ate I would be sick, so for the week that I was there it was limited to nutrients and vitamins in a bag for my IV and popsicles, only grape popsicles, because they were out of every other flavor except grape. So it became a joke around all times of the day that we ate the nurse would come in and ask what kind of popsicle would I like while she knew there was only grape so the grape popsicles became “The Usual”.  4 out of the 5 days go by the same of me Watching tv eating grape popsicles and occasionally walking down the hallway with my IV. But of course, nothing can be easy when I pulled the IV out of my hand so they had to put it back in…of course. Then on the 5th day, I was back to my normal self so I got to eat an actual meal from the hospital cafeteria and the nurse brought up a tray with eggs, toast, and a grape popsicle.

The author's comments:

My peice was inspired by my concussion when I was a Child.

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