Hockey Camp

October 13, 2017
By rjszakalski BRONZE, Auburn, New York
rjszakalski BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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It all started with a loud bang with the car door closing behind and my parents screaming “Bye” from the car slowly driving away. I was at Cornell College and I was ready for a long week of overnight hockey camp. I finally arrived, I was standing on the hard pavement with my stick and bag looking over at Dickson hall dorm where I would be staying. I was supposed to meet friends at camp.Our parents talked to all the counselor and arranged a room that we could all stay in. That night after a delicious dinner at the dinner hall I went back to my room and waited for my friends but none of them came and I was all by myself with no friends at the camp.


The next day I had to wake up at the brink of dawn and get ready for hockey practice. I walked outside the air was brisk and cold, the grass still had frost on it and the shining sun wasn't out from hiding below the horizon. When I was ready for practice everyone went on the ice and was warming up. Then we started to do a couple drills I was so nervous that if I messed up everyone would make fun of me. Both teams were tied 1-1 and it was my turn to make a difference my knees were shaking and my hands were sweating then the coach blew the ear piercing whistle and then I took off like a speeding bullet. I passed one defenseman with great speed then got the puck around the next defenseman with excellent movement. All of a sudden I was shooting the puck and went cross bar down and the puck was behind the goalie and everyone was cheering.

After practice, I was still alone and no friends so I decided to go back to my room and sleep. My phone started to ring and I answered it, it was my mom and dad asking how it was going at camp. I told them “no one came, I’m here all by myself with no one to talk to”. My mom told me that it was going to be alright, just try to make new friends and have fun. I was not going to have fun just because I didn’t know anyone there, I decided that I would go to recreation. The choices that were available were go karts, basketball, and the movies. I decided to go on the go karts, I lined up next to a kid that had brown hair, brown eyes, and was really tall. The race started 3 2 1 go were racing for first it was a tight race and then the final lap came. Back and forth we went then finally we crossed the line at tie all that work for nothing. The kid walked toward me and shook my hand and said “Good race” even though the race was tie I said to myself then he said “ My name is Jack and do u want to come hangout later in my room with a bunch of my friends” I was so excited because I may have a friend and I would have someone to talk too. Rapidly I replied saying “Ya, I would love to” So excited about tonight I went straight toward my dorm and grab some snacks and went over to Jack's room.

That night was so amazing, I made all news friends and at the end of the camp I didn’t want to go home. Not everything is going to go as planned in life, the best thing to do is not let anything weigh anyone down from having fun and to make new friends.

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The first time I was by myself, without my parents

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