The Emotional Weights I Carry

October 10, 2017
By HakeemStrawberry BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
HakeemStrawberry BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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To whom it may concern,

Why do I carry a picture of my Great grandfather, well I do so to remember his image. I made the choice to carry this photo to remember him. Do I wish I could put down this photo, sometimes I think about it but I really can’t put it down. If I were to put the photo down it would mean that I have given up on remembering him for the man he was. This photo weighs a lot on me and family. The photo makes me never forget his name, his image, and the events he went through in his life.

Snapshot #1
In my hand is a worn fuzzy purple collar with tags that has a metallic blue color. On these tags is my dog’s name, her home address, and shot records. The reason the collar is symbolic is that my grandfather and my dog passed away around the same time. The collar weighs only about a pound, but the emotional weight is like an elephant crushing my soul. This emotional weight is very deeply bound to my soul. This emotional weight crushed my spirits long ago but since then I have recovered; but every time I hold this collar my spirit dwindle.

Snapshot #2
It was 69 degrees in the lunchroom, and there is a line of finely dressed, anxious little children awaiting in the school cafeteria. A lone figure pops out like lighting from behind a black curtain, the figure struts to the front of the line of anxious kids and says “this way please” with a grin. The little boy at the front of the line giddly jumps on the chair, where the figure aimed a large camera at the little boy. The figure says smile please; and in an instant a flash of light is seen, and the boy at the front jumps out of the chair to see his photograph.With his photo he scampers to show his parents waiting outside of the cafeteria. The little boy that was first in line was named Bob who waited anxiously for his picture. The boy named Bob, is my Great Grandfather.

Snapshot #3
It was a chilly Sunday morning as the waves crashed, and splashed along the jet ski I sat upon.  Upon the jet ski I noticed the calm breeze of the August air, and saw leaves gracefully fall to the ground. All of a sudden I think to myself, this is why I come to the lake to see nature’s true beauty.
Sketch person:
My great grandfather was a 6’2 athletically built U.S shipman during World War II. When he got out of the Navy, he  did construction work for the rest of his life. He was a very charismatic man, who had a deep devotion to his family.  Many times his work would take him to other states for months at a time.

Sketch place:
The chilly morning water splashes up on the sides of the jet ski, as I ride along with my great grandfather.  The two of us shivered from the chilly water as strong gusts shook us. Me and my great grandpa rocked in harmony. As the engine roars I nervously grab my grandfather's life jacket as I’m whipped backwards due to his quick acceleration. Time quickly stops and I witness the gentle ripple of the wave, and the smooth run of water on the hull of the jet ski. As I look to the pontoon next to the jet ski  I’m astonished to see a figure pointing a camera at me and my grandfather, that figure was my mom.

In my conclusion the emotional weight of the things I carry is heavier than the actual weight.  These emotional weights prepare me to deal with future losses, that I will experience in the in the near future.  The weight is the physical objects I carry which the most important in my life is the collar of my first dog, and the photographs of my great grandfather.  Also the things I carry help me cope with losses that I have suffered over the past couple years.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write about this article due to all the losses that occured over the span of 3 years. I hope the people that read this article, that they overcome sorrow, and depression from the loss of those they loved.

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