The Piece of Technology

October 10, 2017
By Williamsc4 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
Williamsc4 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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What would happen if you could upgrade your phone from the old, slow, and outdated slab of junk to an amazing, fast, and revolutionary piece of technology, one with a big and bright screen? What would you do with it? Would you show it off to your family and friends? With the help of my dad, it was finally time for the upgrade.

My father and I drove through the rain and the bumpy streets of Monroe to reach the fabled store where my new phone was waiting for me. His blue eyes focused on the wet and humid atmosphere of the world as we raced towards it. As we pulled up into the deserted parking lot, we drove through a humongous puddle that created a tidal wave of water onto our car. The windshield wipers effortlessly removed the droplets of water from the glass. We found the perfect parking spot, which was in front of the shop. Both of us hurriedly entered the store before we were soaked from head to toe. The tiny bell on the top of the door jingled as we made our presence known in the store. Inside the store were shelves upon shelves of phones, phone cases, and phone accessories. The fluorescent lights shone across the many products on display as both of us scanned the store for assistance. There were a few employees there, but one guy called us over to his desk and helped us out.

My dad entered a conversation with the man behind the counter, who appeared to wear a red polo shirt and worn out jeans with a brown leather belt and work boots. The man was very friendly towards my dad and had a very nice personality about him. After talking for a few minutes, he pulled out the phone box from one of the shelves and placed it onto the glass desk. The new phone box is sitting in front of the man, waiting for it to be opened. The employee opened the box and placed the phone into his calloused fingers. The dark, reflective blue of the glass as bright light reflected across it’s surface. The glowing pixels of the screen illuminated his face as he pressed the power button for the first time. The huge screen seemed to immerse the man into the digital realm as he started to set up my new phone for the first time. The coolest thing about the new phone was the retractable pen that has a clicky top to it that slides into the bottom of the phone, which he showed me. He then asked me to transfer my information, my life, which included the many memories of my photos, the long and cluttered inbox of my email, and the very short contacts list. This signifies how everything important to me is on my phone.

After transferring all my information from old to new, it was almost time for the moment that I’ve been waiting for.  All I had to do was choose the perfect case to go with a perfect phone. There were many choices to choose from: a light blue and ocean blue dual layer case, a matte black slip on case, a transparent slip on case, and a jet black slip on case. I decided on the light blue and ocean blue case since any shade of blue is my favorite kind of blue. The employee opened the packaging and slipped the phone into the case, which heightened my excitement to finally get out of the store. As long as I knew the phone would be protected, I wouldn’t have to worry about damage to it, and damage to my important things in life. As my dad and I finally left the store and thanked the employee many times over, I felt the piece of technology bulging in my pocket and I knew this was the best phone I’ve ever had.

The piece of technology did in fact have a big and bright screen. It also was very fast and revolutionary and amazing. It was most importantly the best thing I’ve ever had in my hands in my entire life because it stored all my important and valuable things, including photos, messages, and contacts. Losing them would hit big with me since I’ve accumulated them for the past 5-6 years. What I’m trying to say is my phone is really dear to me not just because it’s a phone, but it’s more than just a phone.

The author's comments:

This paper was made becauae my phone is important in my life.

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