Track Meet

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

The wind blew through both my hair and track uniform. The pastel blue sky surrounded me on every side. It was hot and humid, you couldn’t escape it. The humongous, white, billowy clouds drifted in the sky. I looked to my left and there was a big, dome shaped building. The bricks were a sandy dark brown. They were placed so perfect and evenly together, there were no gaps in between. I turn my gaze to the many different cars in the parking lot. There are so many different colored cars and so many different sizes of cars. I quit looking at the cars and turn my attention to the stretched blacktop I was standing on. I looked up and saw everything green, I took a breath and took it all in.

I flung my stuff down on the stone gravel as soon as I got to the school. I then sat down on the grass that was right next to it. I had my headphones in, jamming out to music. As I was listening to music, a bee flew past my face. I jumped out of my skin and swatted at it. After all that happened, I laid down and played on my phone. I had still had some time before my events. I was able to relax for 20 minutes.

My coach was standing next to the long jump pit, critiquing our jumps before our final jumps. We get 3 jumps. We can either improve or not improve. My coach was wearing a bright red shirt that said “Bedford Track Coach”. He was wearing jeans with tennis shoes. He wore a hat that covered his full head of hair. Compared to half the girls waiting in line to jump, he was shorter than most of them. The other half, including me, were as tall as him. He was palest of the all the girls waiting in line also.

I took off like a bolt of lightning and didn’t stop. I kept my eye on the whiteboard I had to plant both my little feet on. As I’m getting closer to the board, I plant my little foot that has on orange spikes and slammed down on the board. I threw my legs and arms in the air, I was airborne. I came down and deposited my feet deep in the tan sand. I landed and fell to my knees, palms out to catch me. I rose up from the sand and wiped the excess sand off my knees and palms. I stood next to the lady that was measuring my jump, I was waiting impatiently for my score. She told me I had gotten an 11. 11 isn’t bad, but I still need improvement.

I walked onto the track, exhausted. I quickly made it over to the other side before the runners were able to hit me. I walked on the grass and made it over to the white tent everyone was mostly under. It was packed, there was barely any room for me to sit. I found a spot and swiftly rushed over to it before anyone else could take it. I dropped all of my stuff next to me and plopped myself down on the grown. I rested my head on one of the metal beams that was holding the tent up. I was exhausted, all I could think about was home.

The author's comments:

This is my first time doing track and I believe that you can set your mind anything you wanna do.

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