October 6, 2017
By chase04 BRONZE, Matoaca, Virginia
chase04 BRONZE, Matoaca, Virginia
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When i was about 5 years old i looked in my great grandparents closet and saw a old guitar. The old guitar only had 3 strings and nobody in my house knew how to play so i just plucked the strings and put it back. About 2 years later i did the same but for a longer period of time until i put it back. Then when i was almost 13 i went to my step grandmother's house and went in the basement, he saw 2 guitars, one electric and one acoustic. I went upstairs and asked my step uncle if i could play them and he said yes. I didn't know what to do so i just strummed it. I asked for my own for christmas but didn't get one. Then me and my math teacher started talking and he payed for my old guitar to be fixed. It was ready 1 week later and i started to learn. Little by little i found my way to where i am now. 3 months later and can play pretty good and can play songs from old bands like led zeppelin, guns n roses, pink floyd, ACDC, black sabbath, and many more. I practiced every day for hours at a time and now i play whenever i want to and never get bored.

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