A Letter for the Girl in Playground

October 4, 2017
By , Princeton, NJ

Dear J,

You maybe swinging on a swing in the kindergarten playground at the moment you received this letter, or maybe you were sitting in the classroom pretending to be an attentive student even though you can’t understand a word. But don’t be surprised or frightened by this letter by knowing that it comes from the future. Its only purpose is to deliver one sentence from me to you: Be brave, be consistent.
The thing I regret  the most when thinking about my childhood was giving up on many interests I once had, such as playing the piano. When i was your age, my favorite thing to do is sending out gorgeous melodies from my crimson piano. However, the more time my hands hit the keys on laptops ,the less time my hand touched the keys on the crimson piano. I gradually became the kind of person you would never imagine, a person that wouldn’t touch the piano key until her mother told her to. This is not the kind of person I want to become. This is the first reason i’m writing this letter to you, I want you to become someone different from the current me, so please be consistent and never say give up to the interest you have.
As mentioned above, the other part of the sentence i want to deliver to you is to “Be Brave”. We both didn’t like speaking out in class or asking questions, but this is what I’m worried about for your future.  Even though your English is not as good as the other kids sitting around you,  you have to speak up to practice. I realized this fact when I became older, and this is why I am trying to speak more and ask more during lessons. I hope that you can realize it earlier than I do and suffer less loss than i did. When i say “brave”, not only do I mean by being brave in class but also being brave when you had a rough time or a hard decision to make. Be brave, try new things, don’t be shy when the opportunity is right in front of you. Reach out, grab it and hold on to it.


Anyway that’s all I’ve got to say to you. You may not care about my suggestions but that’s alright, because i believe that you will realize these one day by yourself, hopefully soon. I may not have the right to plan out your future path for you but i do have this opportunity to tell you my experience on my path becoming a freshman. I believe that I will realize more and more experience that I should share with you on my future path. So enjoy your time in the playground, hopefully I will write you again soon.



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