Band Camp

September 29, 2017
By Anonymous

I had bandcamp for two weeks Monday through Friday. It lasted from 1 to 8, but it was so fun! I met the drum major, Bob, and the assistant drum major, Jack. Then I met all five of the section leaders: Jackie, who plays saxophone; Aron, who plays trombone; Tiger, who plays baritone; Moby who played flute; and Gold, who played Tuba.  Then I met the new assistant  band teacher Mr.Scote.

The next day at band camp, we played Song 1 over and over, but it was fun trying to get

I was a freshman, which meant that I was new to marching band. I play tuba. When I got there on the first day, I had to sign in and get a name tag, then I waited for all the other kids to show up.

When we started, we got all the marching music and some of our stand tunes, which we play at all Friday night football games. After we got all of that stuff, we started to play some of our stand tunes. It took us a while, because we did not know it, but after we got used to it. Then we started our show music; we were told to have Part 1 memorized within a few days.

The first day of band camp ended. It was fun, but I was tired! When I got home, I ate,
took a shower, and went to bed. e day before. At the end of week one when we was outside was the hardest because we were trying to set song one drill knowing where to go and how many steps to get there


Last week of  band camp was harder learning set to our song 1 and 2 learning how to march there.The hardest part was remembering our set’s and our music. After band camp was over the next tuesday we had a band camp party. 

Our band camp party we we to bowling alley. First I played mini golf with my friend we tied at 60. Then Me and my friend found another friend and played bowling. We played four games I won the first then lost the rest. Then we had to leave but I didn't  mind I loved my band camp party. Then we played Song 2, and it did not sound too bad, for our first time playing it.

Week two of band camp day 3 on a wednesday we knew how to play song one and two from memory. It was fun because we learned a new game on that day called atom 5. I loved this game. I loved it because it was so fun to play!


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