September 29, 2017
By Kiara1234 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Kiara1234 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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"Everybody's at war with different things...I'm at war with my own heart sometimes"-Tupac

Two weeks before school started this girl named Veronica would come to my apartments to visit her ‘friends’.But i noticed that she only hung out with my favorite cousin Rebecca when she came.So one day i just asked her,”Who you come here for?” Veronica kind of mugged and said,”My friends but mostly you and Rebecca”.Only because I was always with her, I thought.I knew she was lying about  who she came to see. She wasn’t really my friend because she treated us differently. But I didn't care.


On a hot summer day in August, Veronica was on her way to my apartments and said she would call when she got here. Ring Ring….the phone rang nobody bugged.Me,Rebecca and,my friend Vanessa started looking at each other and laughing.We knew she was here but nobody wanted to be in that heat.Before the phone stopped ringing Vanesa answered.They talked and when Vanessa hung up she said,“She want us to come outside”We looked at each other but still nobody bugged or said nothing.I wasn’t because it was too hot.So i said,”Is somebody gonna go outside”Everybody looked but said nothing and went back to what they was doing.


About five minutes passed and we forgot about her so she called again.This time i answered.I said,”Hello”,”yea where yall at”,veronica said. I said,”we in my house” veronica said,”well are y'all gone come outside or what because i been waiting here for like seven minutes now?” I said,”umm hold on” I took the phone off my ear,covered the speaker and said to rebecca.”veronica outside waiting for you”Rebecca said,”I don't care it's too hot to be outside”. I put the phone back to my ear and said,”Hello” veronica said,”yea so are yall coming or what?”I said,”rebecca said it's too hot” noney said,”well where vanessa?” I took the phone from my ear and tried to hand it too vanessa but she wouldn't take it.So i hung up while she was talking.


I gave Rebecca her phone.She called back and Rebecca gave me her phone back because she didn’t want to answer it. I said with an attitude “Hello?” Veronica said,”Where Vanessa because she the one who wanted me to come here?”I thought to myself you only come here for Rebecca.I said,”you only came here to see rebecca” Veronica said,”no i come to see yall but vanessa wanted me to come so i came”.I said,”but you really come to see monet admit it”. She kept lien so I hung up.She texted the phone saying “since you doing all this talking through the phone come out and say it too my face”.I laughed and thought to myself how i was just making a statement.


We walked outside.As we was walking to the park i thought ‘I’m going to lie to her about being my just to see what she says.When i got to the park she said,”what was you saying on the phone?”I said,”you only come here for Rebecca and you was never my friend.She started getting loud and doing too much.She basically screamed at the top of her lungs,”I don't care if you wasn't my friend because i mostly came for Rebecca and that's weird how we hung out almost everyday and went places together but you was never your friend”Then she started talking hella mess about me.I just laughed because all the truth came out.Everything she been holding in.Everything she felt about me.She asked me,”do we have a problem because my family finna pull up?” I just laughed and walked away.


My mistake was letting Veronica think she was my friend and not keeping it real with her from the start. I didn't want to tell her that she wasn't my friend because i knew she was gone make it a big deal. But she made it seem like she didn't care.When really it hurt her feelings.I have learned that even though you might think you know someone very well, think again. Your worst enemy could be the one right by your side.The person that you think is your friend could be the person that don't wanna see you doing better than them and that's what i learned about her

The author's comments:

I wrote this because it was on my mind and i decided to use a pen and put it on paper.

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