My Room

September 29, 2017
By Anonymous

My room. A place where no one else is. It's where I feel comfortable. No one is watching me or observing what I do or how I look. It's just me, myself, and I. After long days, I will leap onto my bed and feel my bones ache, then feel them relax and melt, sinking into a deep 1slumber. When I am alone, I like to listen to peaceful music. When I listen to music, it soothes my soul and recharges me. It's like a soundtrack to my life. Sometimes I read, sometimes I sit and stare out of my window and watch the birds as they chirp and fly from branch to branch. On rainy days, I watch the window by my bed as the raindrops hit the window and find a path down off onto the pebbles below. Even though the neighbor's house is close to my window, that doesn't change a thing, when I lay down in my bed and gaze up at the stars outside my window. I try to piece the little twinkling stars into constellations as I slowly feel my eyes shut.

The author's comments:

a very spiritual moment

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