Favorite Mistake

September 26, 2017
By Camilo.P BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Camilo.P BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“We are all getting into some s*** tonight guys.” My thought that night I knew i messed up with that lie. I have never thought twice about something but that rainy winter evening I thought about things 5 times.

“Hey let’s go do something fun tonight it's friday and winter break.”
They all agreed, and by they I mean my friend, Marisa, Gio, Zeke, and Tino. “what are we gonna do tho we live in Sac, it's all boring here.”Tino asked with laughter. We started to think about things we can do or where we can go out. “We can go to the rink.”

“Yeah that fun I guess but who gone take us.” Gio asked. Tino instantly hopped up and said “My mom can drop us off”

“Sounds like a plan,but now i need to ask my parents if i can go.”

I was really think if it was a good idea to ask my dad especially. This was the big moment of truth,”heyyyyyyyy dadddd you wanna know a lil sumn, I was kind wondering if..ok now you don't have to say yes but if you say yes it's gonna be awesome, ok so i was wondering if i can go to the rink.” his answer was funny as hell,” are you f***ing Loco(crazy)”

“Dad i'm not crazy although i might have fallen off the bed at the age of 3 I'm ok(i didnt fall of the bed as far as I know).he started asking who i was going with but here is where the lie comes in.

“Well I’m going with tino and all his family for a birthday.”Mijo(son) you could have said that first, yes you can go have fun but be home by midnight.”
*honk* *honk*

Our ride was out waiting,we got in and enjoyed the ride.once we got there Tino's mom got me shook with what she said “I won't be picking you guys up so find a ride.”
“Hold up b**** i thought you said your mom was gonna pick us up.”
“No i never said she was dumbass.”

“You are the ride not just the drop off you bi..”
“Ight chilI I’ll figure something out.”
“You better”
We all walked inside after me and Tino nearly ran them but we were here to have a good time so we did. We were all having fun when curiosity got me to check the time and it was 12:00 and guess what i panicked. “Ladies and gentlemen we are right about getting dine with the last skate session so we will have to ask you to start heading to the exit thank you.”

S*** really started to run through my head and i started to worry about everything.” Tino so what plane did you come up with?”
“We are just gonna have to take the light rail.”

I did not want to but it was our way home. We exited the building and seen the cops escorting people out and some getting searched. “Um i think i have some weed in my backpack” quickly and quietly said Tino said when he seen the red white and blue lights. Right away i was trying to find a way out without police contact. “Follow me,”
“Hey where do you kids think you're going?”

“Um i need to go get something from the locker I was using” and we gotta use the bathroom”  replied the other four, “ok go ahead but be quick.” we played that worker but i seen the exit sign that led to the back where it was open to the rail road. All we had to do is walk the train tracks for about a mile. We shared stories along the way and had some laughs, it was the shortest mile ever. “Hey when does the nest light rail come around?”

“1:00” Gio answered quicker than me running for some sneakers. Light rail came and we all hopped on and by our surprise there was a crack head cursing us out on the train      
It was funny but i was more worried about getting home. I don't remember how we ended up in down town next to the golden 1 center but we did and we just waited our last light rail and we needed a taxi. We had some money left over and decided to pitch in for a cab and headed to fern bacon to drop off Zeke at his house near by. Once there we did have a ride directly home. “I think by brother gets out of work at this time”,
“What at 2:00?”
Marisa went ahead and called and in less then 20-30 in he was there and after we got home and went our separate ways. “Wait why are we late?”asked gio
“What do you mean?”
“What are we gonna tell our parents?”

The author's comments:

Lies are not the best thing to do when you want to get out of things or go out to places. They are just not the best.

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