Dummy Stupid

September 25, 2017
By Anonymous

“As I sit in the office of the school I thought to myself “I really need to change and stopped getting in trouble”. As i listened to the principal talking he starts to tell me a story about his childhood. Of course i was zoning out and that's when i said to myself i am going to change next year and stay out of trouble.

“Are you listening to what i'm telling you” says Mr Pendormen. “ I say,’ Yes i am.”
It was a whole year were i said “F*** it i don't Care” There were times i told teachers to F*** Off, i even made a substitute cry and never wanted to come back my friends  and i were jerks. We never cared about who we hurt we just always thought it was funny.

Every other day i would get high or drink  and my friends will ditch school to smoke a blunt. I always got in trouble for what i had  done i never considered this was the year i got suspended for fighting they never really realised i was high cuase most the time i would just say i'm hella hungry most of the time because i'm hella fat so they won't really ask any questions on why i eat so much.

One day me and my friends were smoking in the bathroom and a friend came to warn us “Yo Bro that b**** campus security guard coming yo way back”. Ight i told hem good looking out i told hem. From that day forward i have took a break from doing that because people were getting busted left from right. As the school year came to an end i screwed up. I got busted with hella s*** on me like an empty jar of weed a small blow torch a pipe and 220$ dollars on me. As the pipe fell out my bag i thought to myself “Damn i screwed well i seen the the kid looked in my directions”.

Later that day this student had told the campus security and later that afternoon came around i haven't heard a thing so i thought i was in the clear so i went to my after school class and like 15 minutes before the class end the security guard came to get me with the goat cart and they pulled me in the office i remember what they told me and they said “you can either give me the backpack and be done with it or we can get the police and they can do it.”

I told them “what the hell you don’t  have the right to search my bag."

Ladonna says “shut up you do not have the right now because you could get in serious for this.” So Ms. Wallner what do u wanna do with hem?

We are going to give hem a 3 day suspension and when he gets back we will talk to hem with the principal to see if how is he going to change or should we kick them out.

The next day they called me into the office i did not know what to expect but they belive that day i spent in the office has changed me for ever and it made me realize there's so much other then getting in trouble.

Lesson learned don't hang around a bad crowd cause that's what real stop you from being good. I learned that not all everything is about getting in trouble. And need to learn how to be responsible and focus on the positive. After they talked to me i changed. I changed after my 7th grade my whole 8th grade year i had a 4.0 i stayed out of trouble the teachers did not have to talk to me i stayed out of trouble i started being a student that was able to get their grades up

The author's comments:

I wote thise pice becuase it tghought me that getting introuble is not really worth it and getting an education is more iportant

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