A Student's Life

September 26, 2017
By Anonymous

As a normal, dependent teenager, I realize that being in school can be quite hard and miserable. I understand that when you first move to a new school with people you never really met before and new people, it’s so confusing. When moving to a different area, it makes me feel so isolated and alone because the only people I can think of being at my side is mostly my family like my Mom or my Dad. I noticed that the school I went to, people were basically uptight and upbeat and rude, however, I didn’t let the people come to my head as a big threat towards my mind. As the days went onto weeks then to a month, I was still flustered on how if I was still going to be able to have a friend I can actually talk to, likewise, I was tired of the way I was acting so I just thought to myself that I needed to let the real Montral out.

Seeing other people going around you, I always assumed that most of the people would talk about anyone that comes across of them. I would try not to act too quirky or bizarre because I didn’t want to come as a strange person that other people would not want to come around. One day when I was heading to my lunch seeing people walk to their lunch as well, I saw my old friend right in front of me in my eyes , I was shocked, surprised,  and cheerful as I sprinted my way towards her and gave her a big hug. I felt so jubilant to finally understand that I’m no longer lonely or isolated and I have someone to be right by my side and give me support. Me and my friend were really talkative talking about how our lives were lately, meanwhile, she walked me to her table to meet the rest of her other friends. I was really bashful while introducing myself to her friends though, I caught too much attention to myself which came to a guess that I was clearly shy. I had classes with most of the people I met and it was all in my head that I no longer had to be solitary anymore. When weeks went by I was truly the real Montral, the guy who is not afraid to show who they really are.

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