Being Used

September 25, 2017
By Obeyin.1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Obeyin.1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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“let’s go to Folsom Outlet...” I  said to my group of friends. They replied nodding their heads.

One day me and my friends planned to go folsom outlet together to go buy clothes and stuff. My friends were excited about this because we didn't really have much to do at home. Especially in the boring summer, we had it all planned out and we were all ready to go.

Then the next day we all text each other as we head out to meet at the light rail. Selina says. “Oh shoot, I had forgot to bring my money. I  only took like $10 and that's all.” Then we told her that it was okay and for her to just go. She said okay and we took off with the light rail to Folsom.

Then as we get into one of the stores, she goes and looks through all the clothes and stuff. She takes one of the clothes and brings it to me saying “Hey can you buy this for me,” said Selina. Being nice as possible I replied with a “sure...“ but in my mind, I wanted to say no. but me being super nice, I went to the cashier and bought her the clothes.

As soon as we left the store, we headed straight to the restaurant. We were walking and talking about life. Joking around for a bit. We then arrived at the restaurant and went straight inside.

Selina says, “I didn't bring money so you guys can just eat without me."
We all replied back, "it's okay we'll all just pitch in and eat together.” She replies”, okay thanks.”

Then after eating we all waited for the light rail. We then pack our things when the light rail arrives. Then after minutes of waiting in the light rail, we get to our final destination and arrive home. Then we all say our goodbyes and everyone left home.

The author's comments:

This story is quite confusing but hopefully you'll understand.

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