Sneaking Out

September 25, 2017
By Beniiyaa BRONZE, Sacramento California, California
Beniiyaa BRONZE, Sacramento California, California
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It all started on a Friday afternoon, school had just let out and my sister’s and i decided we wanted to go to this party called “ Melly’s starting summer bash”. Summer was going to start in a week and our friends were throwing this party. Everyone in school has been talking about it for a few weeks now and we wanted to go.  The party was in Richmond CA, and we were wondering how all four of us were going to get from Vallejo to Richmond.


My mom already knew we were having a sleepover so once she got off work she had walked in & we all said “Hey Mom” some said “Hi Auntie” she smiled.

She yelled “Hey girls what yall doing”, we all responded by telling her “nothing & asking how was her day at work” she smiled once again and said “work is work it was okay”, she then asked what we were doing tonight.

That's when i spoke up and said “ we wanted to go out but were staying in to watch movies”. She nodded then said “Well i’m going out with your Aunt tonight so do all of yall want to go to your grandma’s house or have your brother watch you”. When she told us that we all started smiling some started laughing because they know my grandma lived in richmond & that was perfect.

I told her yes we want to go to grandma’s we all started getting our stuff together within a hour later we were on the freeway to my grandma’s. Once we got there we all started getting out going in we all gave her hugs & conversated with her until my mom left to go meet my Aunt. when my mom left we all started taking shower’s getting it together for the night my grandma had came in the room saying  “girls i’m going to berkeley to get your grandpa from work  & were going to see a movie do you want to come?”


We all yelled “no thank you” she then said okay taetae (my older cousin) will be stopping by to check on you guys lock the door.”

we said “okay and gave her hugs then she left”. We started getting on our phones going on instagram asking our friends is it people there & what’s the address once they dm’d us back we started eating & watching a movie to kill time.

An hour went by and it was now 7:45 so I ordered an Uber to leave, the man said he will be here in 20 minutes so we all started grabbing keys purses phones etc….. Once he arrived we locked up then came outside once we were all  inside the man spoke  saying “hi ladies my name is Donald yours?”

We all spoke telling him our names, then he asked “where are you girls going if you don't mind me asking” we laughed and I told him, “To a family’s party he nodded and before we knew it we were there."


We said bye and we all walked up once we got to the door i seen my cousin melly he opened the door letting us in after going through metal doors. The party was actually nice we were having fun just dancing rapping with the music just partying. An hour into closing the party down, some kids / young adults walked into the party that wasn't invited. They saw some people they were beefing with & let it off (started shooting) everyone started screaming and running my sister’s & I took off running down the street towards the 7’11 store with a crowd of girls/ boys running as well. once we made it to the store we all started pulling our phones out trying to get a uber before we can even pay for it the police pulled up , our first intentions was to run. We all started running down the familiar street then hiding behind the trash, not even knowing the police was behind us . both officers got out of the car walking towards us saying “come out with your hands up “ so we all did what was told, when they seen we were kids girls at that they asked “where are you coming from and why did you run”. The girls was scared.

so i spoke up saying “from my cousin’s party & honestly i don't know . the male officer asked does our parents know where out this late, i looked at my phone seeing it was 11:55 at night.

I mumbled “no we were on our way home”.  He asked was the house far from here.


I told him no he asked for my address so I gave him the address he told us to get in so we all hurried in hoping we aren’t caught. Once he made it to the house my mom’s car was there…. At that moment i felt like i was in some type of movie because i knew she was going to flip out because we left without permission & we came home in a police car. We all got out & walked to the door scared once we touched the door step the door swung open. My mom started to curse us out in all kind of ways on how we lied to her & that my cousin’s mom had called saying her son’s party got shot up and we were there.


The officer told her to calm down & that he wanted to talk to her. once they started talking we ran in the house preparing ourselves for the punishment. As soon as the door closed and she came in with a backscratcher telling us to hand her our phones and that my sister’s phone will be going straight to there mom’s when we get to vallejo that night. She told us  how lucky we were to still have our lives after what happened that night and to hold our hands out of course we all did  what was told , she hit all of us twice with the backscratcher which stung for a good 5/10 mins, once she was done she starting yelling  “ All of yall get yall stuff together we’re going home now!! We all did as told once we got to Vallejo she dropped all of my sister’s off at home to their upset & worried parents as well moral of the story we all got in trouble for 1 month no phones no tv no laptop, ipad, ipod’s nothing We all learned our lesson we either ask if we want to go out or we don't go at all.

The author's comments:

At the time I thought it was very fun but it's also dangerous what if i were shot that night? so think before doing something & make sure your with the right people...

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