The Regret

September 25, 2017
By Anonymous

A couple months ago, we were given the most adorable puppies I had ever seen.  My parents have never been the type to want dogs because it’s too much responsibility. My brother and I agreed to help care for them, so my dad let us keep the pups.

We were all so excited to finally have puppies! The first couple of months went by great, the puppies grew and our love for them grew too. Shockingly, these puppies grew so close with my dad, but yet he didn’t want them in the first place. I got to say though, me and brother broke our promise to my dad. We didn’t help him as much as we were supposed to.

My dad took the decision of giving away our puppies. This was because of the night after my sisters’ birthday party back in February. That night my dad wanted to get some sleep but the puppies were barking too much, so he took them outside to use the restroom, then he went and left the puppies ,along with their cage, in my brothers’ room. My brother is a VERY heavy sleeper. The dogs were barking all night, right besides his bed and he didn’t hear a single sound (according to my dad). This led my dad to thinking we’re irresponsible.

Never again will I make the mistake of making a promise I can’t keep. I had so much love for these fluff balls, it really hurt separating from them after the five amazing months we had together. My heart was broken, but now I know mistakes can hurt, I learned better.

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