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September 7, 2017
By JerryGonzales BRONZE, Harbor City, California
JerryGonzales BRONZE, Harbor City, California
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My Names Meaning
On October 10 my birthday danced and the name Jerry was being chanted. My name Jerry is a jewish name, that means exalted by god. To me the name Jerry is very out of place, because who I am exaggerates how very far away I am from the name Jerry . I am Mexican Peruvian so when the name Jerry comes up, Many people look for the most jewish looking person in the room. When people look at me they expect my name to be Robert, Alfredo, and Gustavo.
The name Jerry seems very out of place, because my parents didn’t take much time In choosing the name that could define the person they made. The name that I always wanted was Herberto, because it fits with the group of people that I come from. The name Herberto is a spanish Guatemalan name that means army, and bright.
By the time that I continued graduating middle school I was feeling that my name was the butt of a joke. Because I had a very funny personality, even if it was on purpose or not. If my name was an animal it would have been monkey because it is sometimes seen as a joke. A monkey is seen like a joke because it does dumb but funny things that is associated with humor. The name Jerry is the name given to the person in a TV show that is made fun of.
My experiences with my name are very weird. All my parents knew about the name was that  it came from the show “ Tom and Jerry”, in fact they chose the name Jerry because of the show. I of course watched the show many times because of that reason and I grew to like the show for its goofy antics. Because of the show I wanted to be funny. I wanted to be liked for the dumb comedy that can be put on the big screen. If my name doesn’t fit in with the people around me then i’m going to make my name fit in. It doesn’t matter If my name doesn’t fit what religion I am, or if the name is out of place with my race. My name is my name.


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