My Summer in Chicago

August 24, 2017
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Summer is the time when you do many things. A lot of people go traveling. Some go to neighboring states or farther. Some even go to different countries. People stay home and visit friends or swim in their own pool. This summer I went to Chicago.

One of the many things I did while in Chicago was take public transportation. It may sound boring but it was pretty interesting. While riding the train some people started arguing over basketball. After I got off the train I took a bus. On the bus 2 guys starting a sing a Boyz II Men song. Taking trains and buses was pretty fun.
Chicago has some of the best hot dogs ever. I ate a lot while I was there. The deep dish pizza is amazing. I ate a slice at least an inch thick. On the second the day I was there I went to the Nutella Café. It had really good breakfast.

In conclusion summer is meant to be enjoyed. Whether you stay at home or traveled across the country you could’ve still had fun. Some people stayed at friend’s houses. Some probably didn’t even leave their house much. If you enjoyed your summer than that’s all that matters. I enjoyed my summer in Chicago.

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