August 20, 2017
By Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
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A little creeper at home whispered to me - "your mom is my mom as well." I wondered for a second and got the answer in the very next one. Just a look at the growing soul gave me the answer -
MOTHER isn't the lady who gives birth to a child,instead, she is the one who gives birth to life. Doesn't matter if it is a social animal, a plant or an object. She is the essence of life.
My journey from childhood to adulthood taught me that 'my mother' is not just 'my' mother. She is a mother for all the things around me, the home I live in, the air I breathe in, the food I take in and everything else surrounding me as I can feel her in everything and everywhere.
'MOTHER' This beautiful word is not just a word, but a complete book in itself.
It has no definition, rather, it defines love, care, affection, worry, anger, happiness, peace and every other feeling.
It is not just a soul, but an energy which nurtures the complete mankind.


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