Anon_Ymous: Life at High School

August 9, 2017
By Anon_Ymous BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Anon_Ymous BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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August 8th was Anon's first day of highschool. He was nervous, like any other student would be on the first day of school. Anon was an introvert, meaning he was a lot more shy than most new students.

He entered the school.

"Well I guess it's just going to be me and my thoughts for a while until I can find new friends." He thought. Waiting inside were a bunch of students and a white table, with two sophomores sitting at the table. The table had many name tags. After a minute of looking at all the different names he finally found his name. He picked it up and put it on his lanyard. He stood against a wall with other freshman, there were other students walking all over the place, all different grades. "I should have gone to the school that my friends went to. I don't know anyone one here. Well that's lie, I know that kid over there, I know that group of girls, so I guess I do know some people, but I don't know the majority of the peo-" His thought was cut short when his eyes landed on a particular girl. "Is that no it couldn't be, is it?" He thought as he raised his eyebrow slightly. The girl he was looking at was his childhood best friend, Ashley. Anon knew Ashley since elementary, even throughout some of middle school, then she moved schools, but now she was in the same highschool as him. They haven't talked with each other in over a year. He stopped looking at her and went back to zoning out. He was taken out of his thoughts again when he heard a staff member say to sit down at the chairs that were in the lunch room, which was adjacent to where the wall is. He still didn't move from his spot since other freshman students weren't moving at either. Anon was a go with the flow guy, had the other students moved to the seats he would have moved as well. He went back to zoning out thinking about pointless stuff, then he was ripped out of his thoughts once again when he heard a girl say

"I don't know the people here so I'm going to hang out with you Anon." He was a little surprised at what she had said. They knew eachother since they came from the same middle school, but they didn't talk as much, they were acquaintances. This girl's name was Ana.

"I guess this is the equivalent of someone saying they won't go on a date with you unless you were the only person in the world."

"Okay, students." said what Anon can infer is a teacher, "I need you to sit on the chairs in the lunch room." This time Anon thought whatever and went to go sit down, while Ana followed him and sat down next to him. After some waiting around the principle introduced himself and the other staff members. He didn't really pay much attention to him until he heard about how the students should call the teachers by their first name.

"We will be on a first name basis since we want this to be a more professional enviroment, there will be no Ms., Mrs., or Mr. in this building."


"I don't need to use honorifics in this school, interesting." The rest of the was uneventful same thing for the classes you have to introduce yourself and something you like or something like that, until he got his first assignment. What you needed to do for this was pick a random name from a bucket and for the week and some of next week you will watch what that person does, how they act, etc. "So basically we will be stalking someone around school, that's a weird first assignment. Though I'm worried about the person that got me, I hope they don;t try to go for extra credit and start stalking me outside of school." Finally the day ended. "I don't know if I'm going to like it here, but then again when have I ever said I'm going to like it here for any other school that I have been to? It's school most students don't like school, and I'm one of them!" He mentally shouted.

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