July 11, 2017

When visiting the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art(UMOCA), I was attracted to one piece in particular, which was called the Object(ed): Shaping Sculpture in Contemporary Art. It was a small pool that was placed in the middle of a mostly empty wooden floor. I liked this pool that had all of the painting on the floor of the small baby pool. It had a lot of colors, patterns, and different forms added to it. I liked the simpleness of the outline of the pool, making a 2D sculpture into a 3D sculpture. The tiles on the pool were not perfect and i like how she incorporated the signs that would be on a regular pool, such as “no diving” and “1 foot”. Looking at the sculpture from overhead, it looked like glass was placed over the top of the artwork on the bottom. The stillness of the water added contrast to the element of the piece. The painting at the bottom, used a form of warmer colors and abstract and direct lines in the middle. The edge of the painting had more flowy lines and brighter colors. I also like the painting because everyone could see something different in the painting. The best part of art is that each person looking at a certain painting sees something different. The brain has no limits when it comes to imagination. In the object, there were a lot of forms that filled up the floor of the pool and it had no pattern or reason to the piece it just seemed to be freely done. The two towels that were placed on either side of the pool were interesting as well. It made the piece look inviting and added a casual view to the piece. It also seemed like some sort of an illusion because the pool appeared to be deeper than it actually was when I looked into it. I liked going to see this museum because there was a lot of different types of art involved that seemed to be out of the “norm”. Contemporary art is something that I’m not as familiar with, so it was interesting to see this other side that art has to it. I think the intention of the artists were to have people wonder what it was and what it was supposed to mean. The piece was left up for interpretation to viewers on exactly what they saw. This seemed to be the artist's way of attracting viewers. Also, it was easy to appreciate the beauty and creativity that was the bottom of the pool.

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