Letters and Apologies

June 22, 2017

To a trusted friend,

I've been thinking and looking back on my past, and I noticed something. You've been in my life for a long time. A friend when i had none. A voice of reason(although annoying sometimes) when i needed one. You've shared opinions when i was and wasnt looking for them. You have been someone who has always had time for me and you've also been an anchor when i needed one. You've been a comfort and a joy. And have no doubt God placed you in my life.

I often tell myself im either smart or that I'm an idiot. Here I can see that I have been a fool. I have pushed you away, when I really needed you.

Recently a lot of new changes have happened in my life and i find that the ‘friends’ ive made in highschool are not what i expected. You have been my friend through so much, and i tossed you away like yesterdays jam. All I can ask is that you will continue being my friend even though im a crappy one, and that You forgive me.

Thank you so much for being a true friend when i had none. Thank you for being there by my side. Thank you for loving me when thats all i have ever wanted. I can never repay you for all the kindness and light you’ve given me.


Your immature and stupid friend

Post script: I want you to know that I Love You, and that will never change.

The author's comments:

These are letters and apologies to people in my life.

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