Unwanted Mistake

June 9, 2017
By Anonymous

It was the first day of middle school. The weather was nice and warm --  it almost felt like home. The last time I was in a public school was three years ago because I was homeschooled. I was terrified to be in a new environment but the thought of new friends made me jubilant, anxious, and exhilarated.  I walked into the school past the big red doors, into a unknown hallway where I know nothing will ever be the same. I count my steps, while watching people walk by. I entered a dull and grey office hoping not to come often and I grab my schedule and headed up to where my new locker was going to be. I started to think to myself while walking This is the first time I have ever had a locker! I jumped out my skin.

I met this girl who I knew I was going to have a friendly connection with. She was like my best friend from home. She was nuts and was lovely, I knew we were going to be best friends. We knew everything about each other and without a doubt would die for each other. Months went by and I was friends with everyone I came across. Life with her was amazing I was glad to have someone like her.

It is the beginning of April and that’s when my life changed. See what I never said about this girl is that if you talk about her mother in a joking or serious matter, you will pay. However that’s what I did… I don’t know why but I just did. I didn’t mean it I think to myself.

“I am so sorry” I said hoping she would forgive me
“Sorry, is that all you have to say?!” she replied furiously
“I was saying it as I joke I didn’t even mean to call you or you mother’s name” I said as my voice trembled. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. I was frightened, not knowing what she would do to me. I tried not to cry knowing it will make her more furious.

After I said that she broke. she spoke with such hatred that I never thought I would see as my best friend left me
“A joke, so my mother is a joke now” she said screaming in my face.

The next moment i feel a hand against my cheek.the force was so harsh it caused my vision to blur. as the tears rolled down my tanned skin I could taste them. They were salty tears. They were as I was frozen, lost in time.
At this moment, I went to a person who I didn't like and they didn’t like me neither. I spoke with a lump in my throat and tears constantly dripping.

“Help me, I don't know what to do” I said while my voice cracked.

“Go to the bathroom, It will be ok” he said. It was only time he ever cared for me.

I went home after that because I was forced. I lost someone I cared so much for in a simple second because of my unwanted mistake.

Now me and this girl are friends and we still love each other. It was all ok at the end of the day. After I lost her I helped me become better friends with other people. Now I know who is worth it and who is not.

The author's comments:

me and the girl are friends again

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