The Sky's the Limit

June 9, 2017
By NajaeeSloan BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
NajaeeSloan BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever heard the phase “The sky’s the limit”? If you have not this means anything is possible and the bigger the dream the better. However, for me the sky was not the limit for me the limit was the moon, back but some people were supportive, and some people thought I have just lost my mind. One of the things I am good at is dreaming. I have always been a big dreamer in fact one of my favorite quotes is “A dream is a wish the heart makes” so I wished on. To me a dream is not just a goal you do not just come up with it overnight. A dream is something you imagine and over time grows bigger and you work hard towards making it possible no matter how big, ridiculous, or crazy it may seem. Here are a few of my craziest dreams “One day I will grow up to be a princess with my own castle and I will throw the best balls” said 10 year old me and I was a princess Halloween of 2010 (I’m still working on the castle). Snow White to be exact but without prince charming, seven dwarfs, and definitely without the APPLE’S. That was not even the best dream fast forward 2012 I discovered Twilight (#Team Jacob all the way) I used to searched up ways to become a vampire it got to the point where I have dreams I was a vampire now all my favorite show involves vampires or werewolves. Fast forward to puberty and maturing my dreams became realistic I wanted to go to Paris the city of lights and see the Eiffel Tower light up. I wanted to go so bad that me and my mom found a travel group for teens, I’ve started saving money I didn’t care how much it cost, and I even downloaded a  French learning app on my phone “Bonjour” but something discourage me or should I say someone. I want you to imagine something imagine someone opening the palm of their hand, putting your dreams in the center of their palm, and squeezing your blood, sweat, and tears until your dreams turn into ashes. How do you feel? Small, unimportant, worthless, and scared. Scared that you may have dreamed too big this time or scared that it may never come true and that is exactly how I felt I could remember it like it was yesterday the time my dreams were crushed. For a second everything in the room stood still and the only thing I could hear was my heart pounding “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” as it dropped to the ground in front of my feet. “Please repeat that again,” I said in a broken voice “I could not hear you clearly” then it happened again the room stood still for just a second as I watched the words come out of her mouth in slow motion. “WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR THAT DREAM? That’s just ridiculous,” she laughed “How are YOU going to get to Paris?” said someone important in my life. As the words came out of her mouth they floated in the air like clouds hovering over my head and each word as big as my dream, as the room finally came back into motion. I realized something Paris was far then I thought and my dream was turned into a nightmare. I could not even see, vision, or imagine it anymore because that is exactly what it was a dream, my dream ripped up and torn into a million pieces and if you look closely, you can see pieces of my heart too. As the day went on, I realized that I should not let small minds convince me that my dreams are too big and that is why I will be going to Paris this December.

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