My Near Death Experience

June 6, 2017
By Anonymous

My unconsciousness comes to a sudden halt. Once again, I feel my body shake, reminding myself that I am on a boat to Molokini. I am so astonished that I’m actually going to Molokini, one of the best snorkeling places on earth. My family and I arrive about ten minutes later, and I am baffled by how clear the water looks. The sky is clear for miles, with no clouds in sight. Distracted by the view, I barely notice a splashing sound. It makes me turn around, and I realize that we have reached Molokini and people are already jumping in the clear water. I put on my water suit. It's cold, smooth, slippery skin rubs against mine. After that, I jump in the calm warm water with the others. A school of fish come to greet me as if I’m one of them. Fascinated by their beauty, I follow them. Worst mistake I ever made.

The fast fish flow through the water gracefully as if melted butter. I, on the other hand, am losing speed and energy every second. I start to catch up as the fish slow down, and the I see the fish start to submerge into a hole of darkness. Which seems to engulf anything above it, even light itself. I feel like it will soon devour me as well. With the fish now gone, I start to focus on my surroundings. I notice that I am in the middle of the ocean. I can’t see the boat that I came in. I can’t see people snorkeling near me…I…am…lost! I start to panic. My heart pumps so much blood out of fear, and I feel like I will overdose on my own blood. Adrenaline rushes through my body as fast as a race car. With so many thoughts coming to me at once, I start to forget basic knowledge like how to talk, how to to swim.

I soon feel my body struggling to keep water out of my lungs. I realize that I am going to get engulfed by the evil water, trying to prevent me from breathing fresh oxygen ever again. As that horrifying thought comes to my mind, it motivates me to get to the surface. As I struggle to reach the surface, I start to feel light headed. I know if I drown, the bottomless pit below me will consume me in an instant.

I begin to make progress and I start moving upwards. Slowly but surely, I make it up to the surface. My lungs instantly cough out the water in them and replace it with the fresh air around me. I have no energy at all. I float on my back and try to regain my strength and catch my breath. I look down to see what could have been my fate. It sends a chill down my spine. Then I look around and I’m reminded that I’m lost.

A depressing feeling swarms my brain, making me feel hopeless. I start to cry,  thinking I’ll never be found. My tears grow as big as a giant river. After five minutes of sadness, I start to refocus and began to think about what I could do in the situation. As that thought comes to my mind, so does a sound. The sound of...a boat! I look frantically for the source of the sound. Boom! Spotted. I see the boat coming towards me like a bullet. A sensation of joy and hope ffreplaces all my other feelings. I feel energized now, knowing it’s going to be okay. I start to swim as fast as I can towards it. As it comes into view, I can see the worried look on the people’s faces including my parent’s. I reach the boat, someone pulls me up onto the boat and asks me if I’m fine. I ignore him, run to my parents, giving them the biggest hug in the world.

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