Worth the Wait

June 4, 2017

It’s nearly 5:00 AM, waking up after a long anticipated night, you crawl out of bed, so tired that you trip on your covers and hit your head off the floor. The knock on the hardwood floor echos through the house, waking the rest of the family. You stumble over your suitcase feeling for the light switch. As you flick it on, you are blinded by the light, still trying to get awake. You take a shower, turn on your UE Boom and blast your newest playlist on max volume. This grabs the attention of your father, reminding you to turn off that crap and get ready while mumbling some slur like, “These kids today, man, I remember listening to Neil Diamond. Now it’s these idiots who sounds like they're drowning, for god sakes.” You dry off, get dressed, and take your suitcase to the car. Hugging your dog, knowing you won’t see him in ten days, you say goodbye and remember those big eyes and soft ears you wake up to every day.

You arrive at the airport. You walk in with your neck pillow on your head, listening to music and tuning out the rest of the world. You check your bags and wait through security to only hear your dad complain to your mom about the wait at the secondary security check. Ironically you recall your dad stating, “trust me it must be faster” even though we found ourselves waiting for 45 minutes. You finally make it to the gate. The time is 7:15 AM; You’re still listening to music while eating two Mcdonalds sausage egg Mcgriddles, one in each hand. Your mom screams your name and says something like, “I didn’t raise you to eat like a pig, don't embarrass me!” You wait ten minutes and you're on the plane, and soon after, in the sky sleeping again.

You wake up to the scents of the Fort Lauderdale beaches and air. You realize you slept through the entire flight, irritating the passengers in the seats ahead from kicking during your dream. You get off the plane, meet up with your friends and go to the car rental station, listening to all of the kids rambling about what car you were gonna get. You hope for a Range Rover, an Escalade, or a Mercedes... Your mom responds by saying, ‘‘no much better than that.’’ You all hurry to the car in a rambunctious manner, only to find a 15 seat, white, Ford commercial sized van. Great! This is much better than a Range Rover! You drive 3 hours into the Florida Keys, listening to the common argument between both italian families. Crossing the infamous 7 mile bridge, you know you are  here.

You pull into the resort you love so much. You enter the house that you haven't been inside in for almost five years. The cold tile on your feet and lizards on your bedroom porch remind you that you’re finally there. You change your clothes, blast the country playlist you made for this occasion, and walk outside. You get into your boat and start it up. The sound of trip 350 horsepower motors send chills down your spine. You cruise out to the ocean, and it seems like it goes by in seconds. You arrive at a shipwreck, a spot you have fished for years. The water is so clear that you can see 50 feet straight to the bottom admiring the sea turtles and barracuda swimming below. You drop your line and within seconds you are hooked up to a monster mutton snapper. Everything turns to slow motion, the rod is almost bent to the water, the fish screaming the line off the reel. Everything is perfect. It's the day you only dream of, fishing with family, enjoying the sun and straight chugging a strawberry daiquiri (Non alcoholic of course). You continue having a good time, knowing this trip is gonna be one to remember, a trip you can only dream of.

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