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First Time in the Air

By , Windber, PA

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. I leaped out of my bed, I slammed my fist to turn my alarm off, and I started to throw my clothes into my bags. Today was the day I finally get to see my brother in almost two agonizing years, but it is also the day I get experience my first trip on a plane. So as this new adventure begins and the time to leave nears I can start to feel my heart pounding in my chest. I gathered my things and joined the rest of my family who was already downstairs and ready to go.  We pile our things into the trunk, and squish ourselves in our little compact car and we head to the airport. 


The drive was pretty long, about two hours and as each mile past my heart started beating faster and faster. I felt as if I was dying. The nerves of going on my first plane ride overwhelmed me and by the time we reached the airport I was a wreck. My boyfriend was joining us on this trip. He has had many experiences with plane trips and he helped keep me calm. “Deep breaths” He said with a smile on his face. “Everything is going to be fine.” He grasped my hand and held it tight. I smiled and followed his advice and took deep breaths.


We parked our car, grabbed our luggage and hauled it to the nearest shuttle spot. We sat there waiting for what felt like forever but in reality was about 15 minutes. As the shuttle approached and we picked our things up, we were finally ready to make our way into the airport. We climbed the stairs to the shuttle and sat down. The shuttle made its way to the main door of the airport and we stepped off. Now we needed our boarding passes. We walked to the front counter and waited in line, then waited some more, and some more. I was really tired of waiting by the time we got to the front desk. So we checked in and everyone showed their I.D, cunningly my boyfriend showed them his military id and was able to get our bags checked for free! So far this trip was off to a great start.


We made our way through security which also felt like it took a lifetime. And then continue to find our gate, as we walked through the long corridors of the airport passing the overly priced shops and restaurants, we found a donut shop and grabbed something quick to eat, after all we haven’t had anything since we left our home! We make our way to our gate and sit down. I looked at my phone 8:53A.M, shocked it was so close to 9 already, our flight was a 9. I rushed to finish my donut and grabbed my boyfriend’s hand and squeezed it tight, the nerves were settling in again. He looked at me confused, not realizing what time it was. Until he looked up and saw people being to line up. He smiled “Here we go.” We stand up and get in line, the announcer started calling rows and classes, stuff I really didn’t understand but the line kept getting shorter and shorter, and my heart was pounding and pounding.


Finally, our group was called and we scanned our tickets and made our way onto the plane and found our seats. I sat with my boyfriend and held his hand. It felt as if it was an eternity before we took off. Suddenly I heard the roar of the engines and felt the plane start to move, as it taxied into position my boyfriend handed me some candy and told me to chew on it as we took off. I had no idea what the point of that was. He told me it was to keep my ears from popping when the plane pressurized. The plane stopped. I paused not knowing what was happening, all of a sudden the plane launched forward and was in the air. When it was all said and done I laid back and shut my eyes. The next thing I know my boyfriend is tapping me to wake up. I did it, I survived my first plane trip.

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