My Best Friends Last Day

June 1, 2017
By FullMoon99 SILVER, Dry Run, Pennsylvania
FullMoon99 SILVER, Dry Run, Pennsylvania
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One foggy September morning the sun just rose above the tall mountains, the dew still on short lush green grass blades, crisp air that hurt the lungs when breathed in. To start the day off my father a tall, muscular man with short blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and blonde facial hair trekked up a hill of sharp, blue slate path onto the damp worn down dirt path to our run down horse barn, to feed out three horses. With the sound of the tan feed pellets banging against each other and the deep forest green feed scoop digging into the dark brown with tan speckles sweet feed, out two oldest horses came cantering down the worn down dirt trail from the large lush green pasture with mud flying everywhere from their feet. The sound of thrashing around in mud and suction cups being apart was heard from around the corner. My father found the last and final horse, my horse Blaze, when he was found he was in the small half stall around the corner covered in mud and thrashing in panic. He fell sometime in the night due to a major rain storm the stall was on a downhill slope so all the fast rushing rain water flooded the stall the once dirt floor became a huge deep mud pit, with one wrong step it caused him to fall and become stuck. My father got Blaze up and out of the mud filled stall and moved him to his stall which was a very roomy and comforting stall at the front of the barn. My mother a average height, medium length colored hair and motherly green eyes pulled me outside to talk about what happened earlier that very morning. As my mother spoke it was like time slowed down, everything was in slow motion. My whole world came crashing down in a short period of time, my throat became tight, my eyes became red and sore, my face became wet with tears making trails, my body became heavy, but I pushed it back and ran to my Blaze. As I was approaching his stall I could see many people around the barn, I could hear my father telling Blaze to calm down, I could hear his familiar whiny and neighing and movement inside the stall, so I continued to push myself harder to reach him. When I arrived at his stall I pushed through the crowd of people to see my horse, he was standing on very wobbly legs, could barely hold his head up but still had his ears perked towards me. Cinnamon colored coat was now drenched in mud and blood, his white socks were now stained almost black, and his white markings on his face was almost nonexistent. Time slowed down when I saw the state he was in, I rushed to his side knowing it was going to be the last time I could see him, feel his fur against my body, be engulfed by his scent, see his loving and excited face, and hear his excited and loving whinnies, knickers and neighs. I embraced him one last time saying my goodbye to my best friend. As he got weaker I let him lay down and rest, I couldn`t see him in that much pain anymore and left his stall. Once my feet were over the threshold of the gate I could hear him thrashing around again and his cry’s and pleas for me to come back, so I spoke comforting and soothing words to him. As my parents spoke to the vet I knew what was going to be done. The vet said he was going to make sure Blaze was comfortable and he wouldn`t feel any pain, he took the long metallic needle that had a dark pink liquid inside to the main artery to the heart, Blaze no longer had to suffer. He was free and in a better place.

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