May 30, 2017
By Roseyblue SILVER, Miami, Florida
Roseyblue SILVER, Miami, Florida
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I promised myself that no longer will I fall in love, that no matter the person I will not fall for them not after what you did to me. I fell for you as the leaf falls in autumn, I trusted you as a child trusts their mother's love and I loved you as my most precious gift that I will always treasure. I believed it was the same for you; why wasn't it? Was it ever? No. I can't think of you any longer. If I do then I won't stop caring, I won't stop loving, I won't stop trusting. So I have to; but you taught me so much so thank you. I never knew my heart was made of glass until your truth left me picking up the shattered pieces. I never understood how much on the verge my trust was until I caught your lies and they shook my ground. I never saw the floor so close until our "love in the stars" suddenly dropped me and I started to free-fall, I felt terrified but a little part of me was still expecting you to appear with a parachute to help me... but no... you weren't. I didn't break anything except my soul. Because of you... no longer can I love. How can I when I'm still picking up the pieces of my heart because you left me, how can I when my ground is still unstable because of all your lies, how can I when my soul is broken because you left me when I needed you the most; this is what your love left me.

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