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May 17, 2017

Building pillow forts is extremely similar to handling everyday life. This can be seen in the rules of the art.
1. A pillow fort must be named. This is so that in the future the fort’s greatness can be referred upon in specific detail. For example, one may say, “Remember how rad Awesome Fort III was? It even had a lamp in it, so I could read!”

Giving the fort a name makes it memorable, so, when applying this to real life, try to make everyday an occasion. Do something unique everyday, so you can refer back to it later. For example, one may say, “Remember how chill last sunday was? I even got frozen yogurt!”

2. The pillow hideout must have a purpose. They’re built for tasks, like assignments for high school classes, and reading historical documents, or watching spy kids, and coloring Hello Kitty.

Often times, I don’t want to get out of bed with all the responsibilities I’m worried about. So I find it important to take time to make a fort and think about what I need to do in parts. I think, “What is my task right this very minute?” Taking each job one at a time makes it all more efficient and less stressful. I also don’t leave out activities that are suppose to make me happy. If coloring Hello Kitty motivates me to read my historical documents later, then it has an important purpose in that day.

3. Pillows forts, while seemingly comprised mainly of pillows, can actually be composed of anything. The “pillow” part is sometimes purely nominal. When I only have blankets, couches, or cardboard boxes, I can still make a pillow fort. The site can also be an unconventional part. I have tested the versatility of forts in classrooms, cars, tents, bathrooms, backyards, pools. Yes, I have really experimented with forts in pools. It worked very well with how relaxing it was until my older brother jumped in and caused a massive wave.

In real life, I don’t always have pillows. However, even with unexpected materials and locations, I can still experiment to get a result I feel content with. If I don’t have a compass for math class, I know I can fashion one out of some string and a pin. In fact, sometimes substitutes turn out to be superior to the original intention. Like an underwater fort, hosting my birthday party in my garage turned out to be really cool. We could see the stars for a while until the uninvited clouds came.

4. All pillow castles must be temporary. This is so they maintain their majesty, and so mom doesn’t trip on them when she’s turning off the lights to go bed.

Sadly, like the castles of old, day’s have sunsets. No matter how pleasant a time I may have had in an individual day, it has to wrap up eventually. The good news is that pillow forts get increasing better with every reconstruction, as I become more of an expert on them. Just like when the day ends, I can at least look forward to the next one improving.

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