Sight and Mind

May 25, 2017
By Anonymous

I believe that sight and mind are the reasons why people break. What we think is directly related to our senses but thoughts are highly stimulated through sight the most. Although we don’t usually realize it before it happens, we think too much of the slightest things and because of that, our actions are usually not good. The breaking of the mind is the outburst of the inner battle people have with themselves.

When a single mother of three sees her children being bullied because of the way she presents herself to the world, she feels ashamed and thinks of better ways to do so. However, stopping a habit can be difficult for a person to do. How do you better yourself as a mother for the sake of your children? This begins the thought process she has that will eventually kill her from the inside. Thoughts like “ I need to change the way I dress, speak, and act in public,” tend to slip the mind of a mother who thinks nothing is wrong. But because she saw the way her kids were being treated, she decides to change. Another example of the correlation between sight and mind is when a group of people pick on a vulnerable person. Usually the better thing to do is tell those people to stop and comfort the person getting picked on, but in a situation of monkey-see-monkey-do people witnessing this phenomenon tend to go along with what’s happening without question, broadening the vulnerability of the person being picked on. The people witnessing all that are thinking about the right thing but chooses to not do it because of what they saw.

In my experience, when my first boyfriend broke up with me I did my take on overthinking to the max and I ended up in the hospital. Throughout the whole relationship I was blind to the horrible things he did to me because I was simply in love. People told me “he isn’t good for you,” and “you deserve better,” because I would always turn the other cheek after I was done complaining about something he did to me. When he left me, it opened my eyes to what he actually did to me and I hated myself. I wasn’t blind anymore and all I could think about was how stupid I was to let him do those things to me for so long. Constantly yelling at and hurting myself because of the world my mind went to when he left me. From what I saw, I thought too much of and I acted upon those thoughts and ended up living in the hell I created. In other words, I broke. Another experience I have with my belief is the relationship I have with my mom. How do you show appreciation for someone who doesn’t appreciate you? When my mom comes home angry about something I know it instantly because it’s in the way she walks and looks when she enters the house. I think about what I should do and I act upon it. In my head I think of the safety of my youngers siblings while completing the tasks my mom wants done because if that thought slips my mind, I stop what I’m doing and my siblings get the wrath I usually get from my mom. Because I saw my mom was angry, I do what I have to do while thinking about the well being of my siblings. I suffer and break down on the inside so people don’t ask how I am but every time I do that I explode and the people around me feel what I feel.

Although mental breakdowns are not actual diseases, they lead to very serious mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Studies show that the rates of depression for adolescents in the last twenty-five years have increased dramatically by 70 percent. Depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and actually cause people to die. Those victims are the ones who lost their battle from the inside and let the voices in their head take over. Here’s an interesting fact about inner thoughts. A study that was taken with schizophrenic people took place a few years ago. Scientists developed a device that would allow them to hear what the schizophrenic people were thinking. The voices they hear in their head are actually their own thoughts but because of a defect in the brain, they can't tell difference between the two. Apparently, when people think, there's a vibration that takes place in the same spot that vibrates when people talk aloud. With the new device, scientists were able to translate and hear certain words from the vibrations. In other words, they could hear their thoughts. When the experiment began, the thoughts going through their minds were sequences of actions they needed to take while the doctors gave them their medicine. The test subjects would think “don't trust him, get away from them, they're bad.” These thoughts drove those people to act alert, frightened, and distant from the doctors in the room with them. From this experiment alone, my belief statement is proven. Sight and mind are why people break. With such easy access to media these days, teenagers are exposed to so much bad in the world that it drives them crazy and they cause them to break from the inside. Are we really able to control our thoughts?

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