Dear Papa

May 26, 2017
By Messym SILVER, Karachi, Other
Messym SILVER, Karachi, Other
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Dear papa,

I hope youre doing great up there. I bet the weather isnt as hot as it is here,I even bet that you have occassional rainfall as well. Man,i wish we have rainfall here we are all sweating niagra falls.You know I've successfully completed college and am preparing for my apptitiude? I wish you were here to see how lazy I've become but you already knew how i hated exercize and how mum used to scold me. Can you imagine I'm starting my classes from tomorrow? Its Ramadan and they are making us suffer by making us sit through five solid hours of studying,i mean who even teaches in vacations?Atleast they have air conditioners there. Anyhoo Wari is in her last year of school,thought you'd want to know since she was your favourite????????I'm kidding!I'm kidding! i know you love me too- i know its hard not to love me, i love myself too!! Ahem-so back to the point yeah so shes in her last year of school and enjoying it a lot i told her it was only for a short time as long as she doesn't start studying physics or maths because then she's in for a long year. I wish you were here to see us grow up but i know you are in a better place from here and who knows maybe youre watching all the things and cheering us on. So, that was all that happened in the last few days dad. Phew! Now i can finally relax having reported all the things to you. Ill write to you again soon.

Take care,

Love you alot

Your's ever loving daughter.

The author's comments:

My father.

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