People with Disabilities Need to be Included in Civil Rights

May 26, 2017
By Shorty:p SILVER, Oviedo, Florida
Shorty:p SILVER, Oviedo, Florida
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 There have been many cases with police brutality towards people with disabilities. It hasn’t just happened a few times, almost half of the people police have killed were people with disabilities.  Nobody knows about this because news reporter never really shed some light on this topic. People need to be educated (mainly police) about those with disabilities so that they can immediately recognize and no longer put them in danger.

 Robert Ethan Saylor was a young man about 26 years old with Down Syndrome. He had went into the movie theater with his caretaker but, he never came out. He loved it so much that he ran back to see it a second time but not knowing better he went in without paying and security was called. The deputies came to confront him and when they thought things were getting out of hand they decided to take it into their own hands. The caretaker begged them to let her take care of the situation because Robert did not like to be touched but, they forcefully pushed him on the floor and handcuffed him. He ended up dying of asphyxiation (the state or process of being deprived of oxygen).

Another man named Alejandro Rea was a deaf man shopping at forever 21. He walked out the door and the alarm had gone off. Since he was deaf he could not hear it. Security tackled him to the ground putting him in a headlock. Alejandro repeatedly tapped the security guard telling them to let go but the guard continued to choke him. His face was turning extremely red and his brother was trying to show the other guard the receipt but they would back off. A crowd surrounded them but everyone stood by an watched  and others walked off. The guards never knew that Alejandro and his brother were deaf. Only if the guards payed attention and noticed that Alejandro wasn’t responding to anyone and have tried to realize that his brother was trying to show him the receipt, maybe  none of this would have happened.

Brad Hulett, a disabled man who rode the bus May 3,2013 was unable to sit due to his disability. The officers had yelled at him to sit down then lifted his shirt to tase him. Soon after dragged Brad off the bus and threatening him saying “does he want some more”. Once again they dragged him on the floor into isolation. The deputies had broken his hip and he wasn’t never able to walk the same again. The corrupted security system also tried to cover up the crime by destroying most of the film that has been recorded and claiming that before tasing him they said they were going to arrest him.”The tasering was captured on video by a surveillance camera above the driver's seat. Hulett accused the officers of excessive use of force for using the Taser on him and then dragging him from the bus”. Many police get away from crimes like these because they say they didn’t know better. The only people that really know about these problems is the parents or family members with kids that have disabilities.

These are just “some” examples of police brutality towards those with disabilities. Many who die in the hands of police are people with disabilities. These are innocent people that aren’t all capable of speaking for themselves. We all need to step up, fight and lend them Our Voice .

Rather than fighting about equality for women and equality for different ethnicities if we had already won that. If we were to educate ourselves about people with special needs, we can eliminate their death rates and their parents would not have to worry about their kids getting killed or injured by situations like these.

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