First Impressions

May 22, 2017
By Lauren Holloway BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
Lauren Holloway BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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First impressions are so important. But they also can mean nothing at the same time. I firmly believe in the professional perspective, the very first impression shows you if you want to hire this person. And do they seem like they would make your company soar, or make it fall. Maybe not quite that dramatic but in reality. Like for example, you may smile a lot more than the person next to you and they notice, boom first impression. Not a a lot of people understand that meeting someone for the first time is their first ever memory of you, and that leaves a lasting thought about how they see you as a person. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hit hihihi hit chi hi hi hi hi hi

But for me, I believe if you meet someone and they give you bad vibes, you should probably listen to them. Like for instance, I went on this blind date with a boy a couple of months ago and it went terribly bad. I meet up with this boy, he’s so nervous and he is so awkward and clumsy! I tried to look past it and not let it make me uncomfortable but my first impression of him gave me a cringe every time I thought of going on another date with him. So lesson to be learned boy readers, don't go on a coffee date and spill your coffee on them and you. And just a little feminist input, boys let the independent woman that your spending your day with pay for her part of meal instead of just you we all can fend for ourselves you know. hi hi hi hi hihi hihi hi

But as I've gotten older and I've learned better, first impressions are not everything. Ive realized I have found the best people in my life by really getting to know them than just by what I see on the surface. Yes, it is so much easier to judge a book by its cover and to rely on outside appearance and surface qualities. But really trying to get to know someone and being close to them is really hard and let me tell you from a veteran wall builder, you should really try to knock down those walls reader. Let people surprise you, and believe that they can. I wish someone had told me that when I was trying to find myself, so I want to be that person that changes how you see first impressions on people, because everyone deserves a second chance.

So that being said, I should have gone on that second date with that boy. I should have given that college coach a second chance when they said they wanted me at their college. I should have given that one girl a chance next summer when she said she wanted to be friends. But I also believe that second chances don't get passed out for free like doughnuts on Sunday morning after church service. I also believe second chances don't come with a price, so give them wisely reader.

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