The Swings

May 21, 2017
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I was only seven, but I remember my elementary school days like it was yesterday. As a child I was always very shy. I always wanted to be my true self, but something was stopping me. Even though I had a great group of friends, I knew that I wanted to make even more. During recess my friends and I had our designated area, which was right by the swings. At first I loved being over there with all of my friends, but as the days went on it got kind of old. I remember sitting on the swings, watching all of the other kids play fun games like four square and tag. I was very jealous because I wanted to be having fun with the other kids, but I knew that my friends would get angry with me if I left to play four square. Many days went by where I sat there miserable because I wanted to be with the other kids, but I was stuck at the swings. It was as if I couldn’t leave the swings because it was a constant loop that never stopped swinging.

It was a cool autumn day, when I finally decided to do what was best for me. Even though I was scared, I wanted to become my own person. I had been planning this day for weeks and it was finally about to happen. On that particular day I made sure to meet my friends at the swings and tell them that I was going to play four square with the other kids. The time had finally come when it was time for recess to start. My friends and I waited patiently by the door along with all of the other kids. The bell rung and it was finally time for recess. As I stepped outside into the brisk air, I felt chills down my spine. I could see the leaves slowly falling towards the ground from the tall trees that surrounded the park.  When my friends and I walked towards the swings I watched the other kids in admiration because I was soon going to be with them. I think my friends knew that I wanted to be with the other kids because I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. As we approached the swings my heart was racing. My friends sat down as I patiently stood there. At first they thought nothing of it, but then they started to get concerned. Finally one of my friends abruptly stated, “What are you doing Katie?” I knew that at this very moment my life would be forever changed. I was scared to admit it, but then the words started pouring out of my mouth. I wanted to leave the swings and play with someone else for once. My friends stared at me in shock because they couldn’t believe what I was saying. I was finally stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming my own person. There was a moment of silence after I had finished talking. I could hear the rusty swings come to halt and all of my friends fell silent. They stared at me expressionless, as if I had just told them the worse news in the world. I asked my friends if they wanted to come play four square because I felt bad for leaving them. Some of them agreed, but others stayed back. Even though I wanted to play with the other kids for once, it didn’t mean that I was done being friends with the girls at the swings.

I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders because it was the first time I had become my own person. I slowly approached the kids at the four square and they welcomed me with open arms. All of the kids there were cheerful and happy to be there. As I walked towards the four square I could see my whole future ahead of me, I was finally free to be my own person. For the first time all year I was truly happy. I stood patiently in line and waited for my turn at the four square game. As I looked up at the sky I had noticed that the sun was brightly shining and the air was no longer cool, but it was warm. Finally it was my turn and I felt a rush of adrenaline. I stepped up to the square and started to play. All of the kids were cheering each other on and I had a really fun time. To this day I am grateful that I went to play four square with the other kids because some of them are still my best friends. I took a chance and stepped out of my comfort zone. Even though the girls at the swings were angry, they probably understand now why I left.

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